Mom S3E7 Review

Mom, one of the funniest shows on TV in my opinion, returns this week after Christmas! Will it keep up its funny from 2015 in the first episode of 2016? Read on for my thoughts on the episode!

S3E7 "Kreplach and a Tiny Tush"

The episode starts with an AA meeting. Bonnie is trying to keep her relationship a secret, even though everyone knows about it. When the others ask Bonnie why she isn't sitting with her boyfriend, there are some funny lines to her responses about how she isn't dating. Steve speaks at the meeting, and tells them all about the woman he is dating. He says that she has a heart of gold, which causes Christy to hilariously say "Oh, no. He's cheating on you."

Violet is hanging out at Christy and Bonnie's house because Gregory's mother is staying with them. Christy gets calls from Jill and from Jodi asking for advice, and Violet is surprised that people come to Christy for advice, which is pretty funny. Violet tells Christy that Gregory's mom wants to meet her and Bonnie. Violet is worried because of the time that Christy met Baxter's mom, which apparently ended up involving the police, which is pretty funny. Bonnie and Steve talk, and he wants to act like a normal couple, which Bonnie doesn't want to do. Bonnie also hilariously remarks how she always has to be the man. Christy has coffee with Marjorie. Christy tells Marjorie about the kreplach that she will be making, and Marjorie tells her to set boundaries with Jill and Jodi and turn her phone off. Christy's response to that is "You can do that?" Gregory's mom arrives, and things get off to a rocky start when she asks Christy if she had Violet when she was sixteen. Actually, she was seventeen, and a half. I loved that line. She brought a bottle of wine, all for herself.

The dinner is not going that well. Gregory's mom is hilarious. She tells Bonnie to call her Phyllis due to their small age difference. Bonnie later calls her Phil, which is hilarious. Both Jodi and Jill show up to talk to Christy and interrupt the dinner. One of the times that Christy gets up, Phyllis comments on her tiny tush. Also, Steve shows up, and he and Bonnie break up. Violet becomes upset because Christy is never there to help her, just to help the others. Gregory's mom speaks up, and tells her that she doesn't need Christy's help. She also tells Christy that she is doing a mitzvah, a good deed. Bonnie asks if that is a cracker, and the lines that follow together gave me a huge laugh.

This episode had many hilarious moments, and the plot advanced at a perfect pace. It was a great episode. Also, I have to comment again on the cracker joke. Allison Janney's line delivery made this so amazing.

What did you think of "Kreplach and a Tiny Tush"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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