Life in Pieces S1E12 Review

Life in Pieces was up-and-down in 2015, many episodes having both very good and very bad stories. Will it start off 2016 on a better note? Read on for my thoughts!

S1E12 "Bite Fight Wing-Man Bonnie"

In the first story, Tim and Heather are having a night out with a couple. The wife of the couple was a patient of Tim's, but what they didn't know is that she is married to a football player from the NFL. They both start freaking out, and are determined to make the night great. They did really well, and they want to meet the family. The scene is really funny as Heather points out the "dot dot dot" that suddenly goes away, then comes back. Everything is going great, and they get invited to Hawaii over spring break, until their son bites Sophia. Heather and Tim try to just make that situation go away, which has a hilarious line about how Sophia is coming up with solutions when she sits outside in the hall. The incident comes up though, and the son reveals that the bite was due to a game of Sophia's. The family leaves, and Heather and Tim's next texts receive no "dot dot dot".

In the second story, Jen and Greg are heading to New York. Greg hates flying, and they have decided that they will fly on separate planes. Jen's flight, however, is delayed, and the only open seat is in first class on Greg's flight. Jen enjoys first class, while Greg sits next to a dog, and both are hilarious. It was a great contrast. Jen has to use the bathroom, and she has to use the regular one. Greg ends up needing to use the bathroom as well, so she waits in the bathroom as he waits outside. Turbulence comes to Jen's aid when everyone has to sit down. However, as she goes down the aisle, the flight attendant says her name, and Greg notices her. He realizes he would rather die next to her. For the rest of the flight, she sits next to him, as the dog sits in first class, which got a huge laugh from me.

In the third story, a patient of Joan's whose wife died feels lonely, so she asks John to be his wing man. Matt decides that the perfect place to go would be the craft store. The patient makes some funny mistakes, but eventually finds a woman. They decide to go on a date. However, the date doesn't go well. He tells Joan that he wants to kiss her, and sort of chases her around the room until she lets him out of the room. After he leaves, Joan starts giggling, which was sort of funny.

In the forth story, Matt's ex-wife Bonnie shows up. Colleen isn't worried about her, but Heather convinces her to be worried. Colleen believes that she is Matt's second choice. Matt asks Bonnie how to get rid of her, and she says that she just needs ten minutes the following morning. Bonnie shows Matt a gallery that she bought with the money in their joint account. She begs Matt to forget about the last two years and focus on the first four. Matt forgets Bonnie, and goes after Colleen, which results in a very cute moment at the end of the episode with them kissing.

The first two stories were great. The third was pretty good, and the forth was cute, but not very funny, overall that story was mediocre. Overall, it was a good episode.

What did you think of "Bite Fight Wing-Man Bonnie"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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