Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 2 Review

On the heels of last week's stellar premiere that mostly focused on Holt, Jake & Amy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine takes a different approach this week with an episode focusing on the Nine-Nine's two most lovable idiots: Hitchcock & Scully.

The Nine-Nine is still super crowded because of Commissioner Kelly's revenge against Holt, and everyone's dealing with that in their own way. Charles, meanwhile, is being scammed by someone claiming to be his adopted son's teenage brother Dragomir though Charles can't tell it's a scam. An old case of Hitchcock and Scully's from the 1980s is being reopened. Jake and Charles question them about their investigating, and they confront them about a missing duffel bag. It doesn't go well.

Charles thinks Jake is being overly suspicious, about both Dragomir and Hitchcock & Scully. The "downstairs people" that Amy works with are causing problems for the gang at the Nine-Nine, and which leads to Terry banning them from using the microwave, which Amy is less-than-thrilled about.
Jake and Charles discover an old van that Hitchcock & Scully used to own, which they search for evidence. They find the missing bag, and it's empty, leading them to believe that Hitchcock and Scully are guilty after all. Hitchcock and Scully don't exactly help their case when they lock Jake and Charles in the van.

Jake and Charles manage to escape, but Hitchcock and Scully are gone. Charles tracks them and knows they're going to a wing restaurant, and they drive there in the van. Jake arrests Hitchcock and Scully, but the restaurant manager stops him and it's revealed that she was the wife of the criminal who Hitchcock and Scully arrested in the '80s and that she was the informant. They took the money to help protect her, because she wasn't allowed to go into witness protection. Amy apologizes to Terry and Rosa for messing with the Nine-Nine's stuff, but she tricks them and her squad breaks the microwave. Holt yells at them for causing a ruckus, and Commissioner Kelly walks out from his office. After Holt mentions an investigation into Hitchcock and Scully, Kelly reveals that there wasn't an investigation, and he immediately calls Jake. Unfortunately, by the time they realize that someone is after Marissa, that person pulls up out front. They all try to escape, but they're tracked down easily. Before anything can happen to them, the squad arrests the suspects. However, one of the criminals tries to kill Marissa, but Hitchcock and Scully, wearing wing sauce on their chests as part of a foolish plan, save her. Later on, Hitchcock and Scully are put on desk duty and they're not exactly sad about it. A flashback also reveals that Marissa's job at the wing restaurant is what turned Hitchcock and Scully into the lazy slobs they are today, thanks to the delicious wings.


This was another strong episode, even if some of the side plots seemed pointless for much of the episode. Later, in true Nine-Nine form, they tied into the main plot, but they did seem distracting at first. Amy was especially grating in her plot with Terry and Rosa, and the cleverness of this plot tying into the main one can't absolve my problems with her behavior this week. It was amazing, however, to see Hitchcock and Scully get the main focus on an episode, and everything on their end was amazing. There were some really funny lines in the side plots though, particularly Gina's lines in her sub-plot with Holt. All in all, this episode worked very nicely despite its imperfections, and was another strong outing for this season.

Score: 8/10
Grade: B

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