The Great Indoors S1E2 Review

I wasn't a big fan of The Great Indoors in the pilot episode, but it gets a chance at improving itself in the second episode.

S1E2 "Dating Apps"

At the start of the episode, Jack observes the use of dating apps, and he thinks that he will be able to do great with them. The young people he works with help him set up a dating profile, which has a couple of good jokes. However, I completely do not enjoy the scenes with his boss, as they are boring.

The date Jack goes on seems to go well, but then it turns out that she was trying to steal his identity. The group sets up a sting, and it is supposed to be funny when they chant "sting", but it isn't, and then they discover that she didn't try to steal his identity, someone else did because of a picture he posted. Clark is somewhat funny though, in his obsession with Jack and his awkwardness.

There were a couple of funny moments, but not that many. It was alright, like the pilot, not really any improvement.

Score: 5.5/10

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