Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S2E3 Review

What do you do when things seem to be working out with the guy you moved across the country for, but there's also another guy who you might be great with? That's the question Rebecca has to deal with this week on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

S2E3 "All Signs Point to Josh... or Is It Josh's Friend?"

At the start of the episode, Rebecca imagines what it would be like if she had a relationship with both Josh and Greg instead of deciding, which is really funny. Rebecca decides to go to Dr. Akopian to figure out what to do about her love triangle, and I'm really excited that Dr. Akopian is returning this week.

Rebecca decides to look for signs from the universe to make her decision, hilariously ignoring Dr. Akopian's advice. Greg is afraid of making any big changes, or any changes at all, which is threatened by his dad selling their house. Rebecca and Paula talk, and there are some hilarious moments when they talk about their periods, then Darryl comes in and has some great lines.

Rebecca believes that she is pregnant, and she takes it as a sign to be with Josh. Greg tries to get Guardrail to tell him what to do, and it is really funny. Rebecca is really excited about being pregnant, and she is really funny in her scene with Josh about this, but then she has her period. Josh then decides to leave, because the last three minutes were too scary.

Rebecca and Paula talk, and Paula realized that she still hasn't had her period, so she worries that she may be pregnant. Paula's scene with her husband is great, as she tells herself that she isn't meant to follow her dreams. Rebecca runs into Greg, and there are some great funny lines, such as how Rebecca is never at work.

Rebecca talks to Dr. Akopian again, and it is really funny when she asks if Rebecca hears anything that she says, and she ignores that. Darryl gets Paula accepted to start at law school this semester, and it's really funny how he makes a big deal out of it, and still tries to get Paula to say that he is her best friend. Greg almost goes to Rebecca, but is stopped when he sees a sign saying "danger".

Greg prepares to leave West Covina, and Rebecca rushes to the airport. Greg's goodbyes are great, especially with Josh, as it is really emotional. Rebecca has some really funny moments, as she rushes to get to Greg. Finally, Paula discovers that she is pregnant. I can't wait to see where this story goes.

And now for my thoughts on the songs of the episode...

The Math of Love Triangles: This is a really funny song, as Rebecca doesn't really listen to the men singing in the background. The triangle puns are also really funny.

Period Sex: This was just a very short song, and I'm glad about that because I don't think it would have worked as a longer song.

This episode was filled with great moments, comedic and dramatic. It also sets up an interesting story for Paula, and provides an unexpected twist in Greg's story.

Score: 10/10

What did you think of "All Signs Point to Josh... or Is It Josh's Friend?" Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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