Sunday TV Ratings 10/16/22: The Simpsons and The Great North Collapse to Season Lows, The Equalizer, East New York and The Rookie Hit Season Highs (UPDATED)

Ratings Analysis: It was nothing short of a disastrous evening for Fox's animation block as 'The Simpsons' (0.35, -0.72), 'The Great North' (0.26, -0.39), 'Bob's Burgers' (0.29, -0.29) and 'Family Guy' (0.32, -0.15) all crashed to new season lows. Of the four, 'Family Guy' was the only one to actually create a new series low. In the 7PM hour, reruns of 'Simpsons' (0.25) and 'Bob's' (0.27) were not too far off from the originals. On CBS, the 'NFL Overrun' (6.21) helped catapult '60 Minutes' (1.54, +0.98), 'The Equalizer' (0.79, +0.26), 'East New York' (0.56, +0.16), and 'NCIS: Los Angeles' (0.43, +0.06) to new season highs. ABC's 'The Rookie' (0.33, +0.06) was also able to climb to its highest rating of the season and posted the largest week-to-week gain of the four shows on the alphabet network's Sunday lineup. 'America's Funniest Home Videos' (0.39, +0.02), 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' (0.40, +0.03), and 'Celebrity Wheel of Fortune' (0.35, +0.02) all perked up a bit. NBC's 'Cowboys v. Eagles' NFL game (5.89) was easily the top broadcast of the night. After surging last week, CW dramas 'Family Law' (0.05, -0.04) and 'Coroner' (0.04, -0.02) fell back down to Earth. 

Finals Update: 'NFL Overrun' (+1.3), 'The Equalizer' (+0.1), 'East New York' (+0.1), 'NFL: Cowboys v. Eagles' (+1.5), 'America's Funniest Home Videos' (+0.1), 'The Great North' (+0.1), and the repeat of 'Bob's Burgers' (+0.1) adjusted up. '60 Minutes' (-0.6), 'NCIS: Los Angeles' (-0.1), and 'Football Night in America' (-0.1) adjusted down.



18-49 Rating/Share

Viewers (mil)


7 PMNFL Overrun6.21/4925.41CBS

Football Night in America1.806.76NBC

America's Funniest Home Videos0.39/33.80ABC

The Simpsons (R)0.25/20.96Fox
7:30 PM60 Minutes1.54/1110.72CBS

Bob's Burgers (R)0.27/20.96Fox
8 PMCelebrity Jeopardy0.40/33.36ABC

The Simpsons0.35/21.16Fox

Family Law0.05/00.29The CW
8:30 PMNFL: Cowboys v. Eagles5.89/4020.79NBC

The Equalizer0.79/57.32CBS

The Great North0.26/20.94Fox
9 PMCelebrity Wheel of Fortune0.35/23.23ABC

Bob's Burgers0.29/20.92Fox

Coroner0.04/00.38The CW
9:30 PMEast New York0.56/45.44CBS

Family Guy0.32/21.01Fox
10 PMThe Rookie0.33/33.08ABC
10:30 PMNCIS: Los Angeles0.43/44.07CBS
(R) = repeat

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