Marietta Season 5 Premiere - Scandal (Not That One, Tammy)

Raymond Island Season 5, Episode 1
Scandal (Not That One, Tammy)

Marietta is at Patty Lynn and Martin’s for family dinner.

Marietta: So, Milton, how is everything going? With the midterms and all?

Milton: You know, I wish I could say! The polls aren’t quite where we want them to be, but we are ahead. We’ll easily hold control of the Senate. Washington’s been a problem.

Sarah: Isn’t the nominee there a murderer?

Milton: An attempted murderer.

Kathleen: Well, that’s much better. Get him in the Senate.

Milton: Don’t worry, we’re not spending a penny on his campaign. If he wins, though, it wouldn’t be the worst thing for the party.

Tammy: He doesn’t belong within ten miles of the Senate

Milton: I agree, that’s why I endorsed Ferrera Donahue. Still, if he wins, he easily gets expelled and then we win a special election with a normal candidate who hasn’t dabbled in homicide.

Marietta: Is anything happening in a state other than Washington? That race depresses me.

Patty Lynn: Do we have to talk about politics? We don’t get to come together as a family every day, there’s no need for work to get dragged into it now.

Martin: I agree, we should talk about something less contentious.

Marietta: What’s contentious about it, we all agree on politics?

Martin: Less stressful, then. Politics is stressful. Family dinners are supposed to be happy.

Marietta: How about that Liz Truss? Outlasted by lettuce, now that’s funny!

Patty Lynn: That’s politics!

Marietta: It’s hilarious! The UK is even more screwed up than we are!

Martin: No politics, not even funny politics.

Marietta: Okay, but this salad I’m eating is in honor of Liz.

Sarah: Who else is watching Abbott Elementary?

Marietta: Everyone with taste.

Patty Lynn: We missed it this week, I accidentally put another channel on and forgot what night it was.

Marietta: Don’t you have Hulu?

Sarah: Aunt Marietta, please don’t?

Martin: What is a Hulu?

Patty Lynn: You’re not making sense, dear.

Marietta: Never mind. Forget I said anything.

Milton: What about the Taylor Swift CD, you guys hear that?

Kathleen: I ordered the CD, it’s supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

Marietta: Ordered the CD? Like, from the internet?

Sarah: Who listens to CDs? Spotify, come on!

Milton: You’re confusing them. Look at those faces, they’re perplexed.

Patty Lynn: Maybe the political discussion isn’t so bad.

Marietta: Ah, I always love these family dinners. They’re just magical.

Two days later, at Marietta’s office…

Henrietta: Hey, Marietta! How are you today? Have a good weekend?

Amy: Can I just say, hiring her full-time was the best decision you ever made! It’s good to have someone else competent around here.

Tammy: Excuse me? Don’t get me wrong, I love ya, Henrietta -

Henrietta: Love you, too.

Tammy: But I’m the former Senate Majority Leader and she’s a teenager! I am clearly competent!

Henrietta: I’m twenty-two. I can drink now!

Tammy: That’s still a teenager in my eyes.

Amy: Wow, I really know how to get you going.

Tammy: You’re the devil.

Marietta: I have yet to get a word in. Another day in paradise.

Henrietta: This really is paradise, ain’t it? We get to serve the people, nothing better than that.

Amy: Aww, she’s adorable. She still thinks this is about service!

Marietta: I’m gonna go to my office. I’m exhausted.

Amy: Oh, do you need a nap?

Marietta: No! I don’t nap!

Amy: You look like you need a nap.

Marietta: I don’t!

Tammy: Okay, stop bugging Marietta. She’s clearly a bit cranky this fine morning.

Marietta: I am not cranky!

Tammy: Of course not!

Marietta: All right, I’m going in my office to work on a budget. No one bug me unless it’s an emergency!

Fifteen minutes later…

Henrietta: Is she serious about not bugging her? I had something to ask her?

Amy: What is it?

Henrietta: Charlotte has her big five-year checkup today, I have to leave early, around two.

Amy: You can go. I’ll hate being left alone with Tammy and Grumpy, but kids come first.

Tammy: Three years of being alone with us, now she’s got a problem with it.

Amy: Yes, because the comments never really bugged you before. You’ve gone soft.

Henrietta: Do you two promise you won’t kill each other if I leave you alone?

Tammy: If we’re lucky, Marietta will emerge from her hibernation before the day’s over.

Marissa: Hey, everybody! How’s the day going?

Tammy: Oh no, what’s wrong? What did Reggie tweet now?

Amy: You two are like the delivery girls of bad council news.

Moira: No bad council news today

Amy: Ah, that’s a relief.

Tammy: Just here to pressure Marietta top pressure Milton to pop the question, then?

Moira: Lord, no! If that should ever happen, I don’t want him doing it until he’s ready.

Tammy: That’s what we all say, isn’t it?

Amy: Come on, you have to see this spritely little thing with a ring on her finger and be a little jealous?

Henrietta: I am so uncomfortable.

Marissa: I think you should stop before HR gets called.

Amy: She would never, she loves us!

Moira: Anyway, we are here to deliver bad news of another sort.

Amy: Who died?

Marissa: Why does your mind always jump to that?

Amy: It’s the sort of news people tend to deliver in-person.

Moira: I take it none of you have read today’s edition of the Times.

Tammy: They always blame both sides, I’m not down with that. Too much on the line to blame Democrats equally when Republicans are actively trying to -

Moira: Anyway, they have a new article out. No one here is going to like it.

Amy: Considering how calm you are, I take it it’s a hit piece on Marietta and not Milton.

Moira: Indeed.

Amy: This is a witch hunt.

Henrietta: It is the season of the witch, after all.

Amy: No time for jokes, Henrietta! This is a disaster!

Tammy: We don’t even know what it is, it could be nothing.

Amy: Look at their faces, it’s something.

Marietta: Good lord, can someone just tell me what it is instead of dancing around it like this?

Marissa: Mayor Landfield, you’re here! I just assume you were off at breakfast or something, given that your office door was closed.

Marietta: I was trying to get the budget written, this is intriguing me, though. What is this disaster that seems to be brewing?

Marissa: You want to tell them, Moira? You’re basically her sister-in-law.

Moira: The Times ran an article -

Marietta: Heard that part.

Moira: They claim that you mishandled campaign funds. They said you used official campaign funds to fun personal plane trips to New York for Tammy to visit her family.

Amy: See what I said? Incompetent.

Marietta: That’s, uh, that’s a crime. They’re accusing me of a crime. I could go to jail.

Marissa: It’s just one source.

Marietta: Oh, god. I could go to jail!

Amy: She’s malfunctioning.

Tammy: The threat of jail time will do that to a person.

Henrietta: It could be worse, Marietta. You’re white, rich, and powerful. Those kinds of people get off scot-free all the time!

Marietta: For some reason, that does not comfort me.

Marissa: Well, it should. You’re probably not going to jail for it.

Marietta: Even in the event I don’t go to jail, I can still lose re-election. That’s not quite ideal.

Moira: Listen, Marietta. I understand the concern. I’d be worried myself. However ,here’s a long road ahead and a lot of accusations like this turn out to be nothing. Don’t let it get to you too much.

Amy: Wise words. More likely than not, this amounts to nothing more than some idiots talking about it on Twitter and a mention on the local news. And Reggie Barrack probably tries to have you impeached.

Moira: Poor Reggie, too worried about petty fights and not worried enough about doing his job.

Amy: I have to say, it is sort of intriguing to finally have a good old-fashioned scandal on our hands. You’ve been too squeaky-clean before this.

Tammy: That reminds me, I have to get back to watching Scandal.

Marietta: Haven’t you been watching that for, like, five years?
Tammy: Things take time!

Marietta: Well, anyway, thank you both for popping in to inform me I’m a criminal. You can go back to yelling at Reggie now.

Moira: Glad to help! And I’ll be glad to yell at Reggie.

That night, at Martin and Patty Lynn’s…

Sarah: Ooh… you’re in trouble…

Marietta: I don’t want to hear it from you! You’ve probably done worse today alone!

Sarah: That’s not the point, I’m not the one on trial here.

Marietta: I feel so welcomed home.

Sarah: Technically, we’re not home yet.

Marietta: Technically, I can leave you here.

Kathleen: Please, no! 

Sarah: Wow!

Kathleen: We need some peace and quiet here, dear. We’re old, you’re too energetic. We just want to sit down and watch Dancing with the Stars.

Marietta: Oh, you guys have figured out Disney+?

Kathleen: Very funny…

Marietta: You said on Saturday you don’t even know what Hulu is, why would I expect you to be Disney+ experts?

Patty Lynn: Can we talk about the Times article?

Marietta: I thought you said no politics?

Patty Lynn: Only at family dinner!

Marietta: Glad to see the exception lifted, I desperately wanted to come talk about this.

Martin: I sense some sass.

Marietta: I could go to jail, dad! Jail! The place Bill Cosby should be!

Sarah: Kany-

Marietta: No.

Sarah: Sorry, too far.

Martin: Campaign finance scandals happen all the time, usually they turn out to be nothing. I witnessed a few of them firsthand.

Kathleen: I was on the Ethics Committee when I was in the House many, many, many years ago-

Patty Lynn: You didn’t say “many” enough.

Kathleen: ABCDEFU.

Sarah: Wow, aunt Kathleen is catching on to the music of the kids!

Kathleen: I know Olivia Rodrigo. I know Billie Eilish! I know Adele! I’m hip!

Sarah: Not one of them sings that song.

Kathleen: As I was trying to say, I was on the Ethics Committee, I’ve seen a lot of people accused of violating finance laws, and it usually just gets brushed under the rug. Unless there’s a long, multi-year history of it, and they can prove it was a consistent issue you were aware of, it won’t go anywhere.

Marietta: That does make me feel slightly better, but that was forty years ago.

Kathleen: Ouch!

Martin: I think what she’s trying to say is it was a more corrupt time.

Kathleen: We were not corrupt!

Martin: Honey, I was there. I was holding office. It wasn’t great.

Patty Lynn: Okay, we get it, you were both wildly corrupt. How does that help Marietta?

Martin: I’m saying she’ll be okay, but rules from the 70s and 80s probably aren’t there reason why. She didn’t do anything wrong.

Marietta: Ah, good, a jury of my parents and aunt have found me innocent? Look like I’m safe!

Patty Lynn: You don’t have to be rude about it.\

Martin: She’s stressed, she can be a little mean.

Sarah: You don’t let me be mean when I’m stressed!

Martin: What do you get stressed about? TokTik?

Sarah: It’s TikTok!

Martin: Okay.

Marietta: Okay, Sarah, we need to get home. This did make me feel a little better, so I guess I do appreciate mom breaking her ban open politics.

Patty Lynn: I don’t have a ban on politics!

Marietta: Not what you said when I was talking about the lettuce lady!

The next day…

Marietta: Henrietta, why are you crying? Are you pregnant? It’s okay, you’re married this time, your mom’s not going to yell at you.

Henrietta: I’m just…

Marietta: Did the check-up go badly?

Amy: No pregnancy, check-up went fine, Tammy has news.

Henrietta: Thank you. Exactly that.

Marietta: Tammy, look at me.

Tammy: No.

Marietta: Look at me!

Tammy: You’ll try to talk me out of it!

Marietta: Talk you out of what?

Amy: We’ll give you some space, I want to go buy a croissant. I’ll buy you one, too, Hen.

Henrietta: I don’t have an appetite.

Amy: Just come with!

Marietta: Tammy, please tell me what is going on!

Tammy: I feel awful, about this mess I’ve gotten you into, and, uh, here.

Marietta: I have to read it?

Tammy: I’ll just tell you. It’s my letter of resignation.

Marietta: You’re not going anywhere.

Tammy: Amy is right, I’m incompetent and I need to just retire. I might cost you your job. Hell, I might send you to prison! How can I be your chief of staff slash campaign manager slash closest confidante when I’m dragging you down like this?

Marietta: I won’t accept it. You have nothing to resign over.

Tammy: I already told the girls, I already told Mitch. I’m packing my desk and going, for your sake. You can throw me under the bus and I’ll take all the blame.

Marietta: You drive me crazy.

Tammy: Thank you.

Marietta: Get back to work.

Tammy: I’m quitting!

Marietta: You are not. It’s my responsibility to approve these things, you made a mistake and I’m not letting you take the fall.

Tammy: You’re really not going to let me fall on the sword over this?

Marietta: No! I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I fired my best friend over something so ridiculous. Look what the President got away with just this year. You’re not getting fired over a few flights going on the official campaign tab.

Tammy: So I still have to work?

Marietta: Yes.

Tammy: I guess I should tell Mitch to cancel that trip to Cancun.

Marietta: Yes, you should.

Henrietta: Yes!

Amy: Shh!

Marietta: You two can come out, I know you were eavesdropping the whole time.

Amy: How’d you know?

Marietta: Aside from Henrietta just celebrating loudly? Since when do you leave right after coming to work to grab a croissant?

Henrietta: You’re really staying, Tammy?

Tammy: I don’t seem to have a choice in the matter.

Henrietta: I love forced labor! That came out wrong.

Marietta: Well, we just lost the union endorsements.

Tammy: That one wasn’t my fault!

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