NBC Renew/Cancel Week 6: Say Goodbye to 10,000 BC, Say Goodbye La Brea

La Brea takes center stage yet again on this week's NBC Renew/Cancel, as the NBC sophomore sci-fi series continues to look weaker and weaker. Keep reading to see if it's in for another downgrade:

Certain Cancellation:

Likely Cancellation:

Leans Cancellation:
La Brea (0.40, 0.32-0.49)

Leans Renewal:
Quantum Leap (0.37, 0.33-0.47)

Likely Renewal:
Law & Order (0.50, 0.44-0.60)
Law & Order: Organized Crime (0.50, 0.41-0.62)

Certain Renewal:
Chicago Fire (0.69, 0.64-0.77)
Chicago Med (0.64, 0.56-0.70)
Chicago PD (0.64, 0.59-0.68)
Law & Order: SVU (0.59, 0.53-0.69)
Saturday Night Live (0.71, 0.66-0.73)

Already Canceled/Final Season:
New Amsterdam

Coming Soon:
American Auto
The Blacklist
Grand Crew
Lopez vs. Lopez
Night Court
Untitled Mike O'Malley Comedy
Young Rock

La Brea: To its credit, La Brea was finally able to stop the sliding this week, avoiding hitting a downtick for the first time this season. Still, its ratings as of late, including this week, remain underwhelming. On a network that is so unpredictable this year thanks to a looming threat that they will take away five hours of weekly programming (six in the winter spring!), it's easily to be concerned about La Brea's future. Even without that threat, though, it's still a big toss-up. Can the show conceivably be a strong enough player on Peacock (a streaming service no one seems to even have) to offset these sagging, weak ratings? The show also feels expensive, given that it fills in Australia and uses extensive CGI technology. NBC does seem to be pretty high in it, given that they gave it a fall slot two seasons in a row (a rarity on NBC, where even their "successful" new shows tend to only be successful enough to justify midseason scheduling). I don't think it's performing well enough, though, to get another season. It certainly has a chance, but rating below the 18-49 league average (which is estimated to be a 0.41 this season, vs. La Brea's slipping 0.40 average) in a cushy 9 PM slot isn't promising. While it was last year's #1 new series, it has easily been surpassed by both Ghosts and Abbott Elementary this season, and doesn't look to have a future anywhere near as bright as either of them. It's always sad to see a show with promise limp to a slow death, but that's what appears to be happening here. It LEANS CANCELLATION.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll of the week!

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