CBS Renew/Cancel Week 6: Don’t Bet On A Renewal For CSI: Vegas On CBS, But What About Paramount+?


Below is a table with the latest predictions for CBS’s scripted shows in the 2022-23 TV season followed by an analysis for select shows. First, here are the changes from last week:

-So Help Me Todd moves from Likely Cancel to Leans Cancel
-CSI: Vegas moves from Leans Cancel to Likely Cancel

Poll Results — Bob Hearts Abishola
Last week, Bob Hearts Abishola was downgraded to the Tilts Renew category. The results from the poll in that article show roughly 77% think Bob Hearts Abishola will be renewed, and 23% think it will be canceled. 

CSI: Vegas
When CBS pulled The Real Love Boat from the schedule, they announced drama reruns would be airing at 10 pm. According to Futon Critic, CBS will be repeating The Equalizer on November 2, FBI: Most Wanted on November 9, So Help Me Todd on November 16, Fire Country on November 23, FBI: International on November 30, and East New York on December 7. Not currently on the rerun schedule are the NCIS trio, the two Friday veterans, the already renewed FBI, and CSI: Vegas. Having no immediate plans to rotate in CSI: Vegas, in its old time slot no less, tells me CBS is not prioritizing this show. At this point, even dragging it to a syndication deal seems far-fetched given the first season was only 10 episodes long and it’s already their lowest-rated scripted show. Taking all of this into account leads to the downgrade of CSI: Vegas to Likely Cancel. Given Paramount has full distribution rights to the show, I wouldn’t quite rule out a platform change from CBS to Paramount+. 

So Help Me Todd
With how light of a midseason bench CBS has this year, having two hours worth of fall Thursday programming in the Likely Cancel category seems unreasonable. So Help Me Todd’s upgrade has little to do with its ratings performance, which I still find to be weak. I was also not inclined to upgrade it simply because of the full season order, once again given how few shows they have for midseason. But even though the ratings have been low, they’ve been remarkably steady, and CBS is clearly still invested in this show. Plus, an underperformance for East New York this week demonstrates the two shows could end up rating similarly in the spring. If that does happen, and if CBS has a light comedy development, So Help Me Todd’s outlook could start looking bright. 

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