NBC Renew/Cancel Week 3: Law & Order Looks to be Here to Stay

This week on the NBC Renew/Cancel, I discuss some post-premiere ratings for a few of NBC's newest dramas as the fate of one show grows more obvious, while the other grows a bit murkier.

Certain Cancellation:

Likely Cancellation:

Leans Cancellation:

Leans Renewal:
Quantum Leap (0.39, 0.34-0.47)

Likely Renewal:
La Brea (0.46, 0.44-0.49)
Law & Order (0.54, 0.49-0.60)
Law & Order: Organized Crime (0.44, 0.49-0.62)

Certain Renewal:
Chicago Fire (0.69, 0.68-0.69)
Chicago Med (0.68, 0.66-0.70)
Chicago PD (0.67, 0.66-0.67)
Law & Order: SVU (0.61, 0.53-0.69)
Saturday Night Live (0.73)

Already Canceled/Final Season:
New Amsterdam

Coming Soon:
American Auto
The Blacklist
Grand Crew
Lopez vs. Lopez
Night Court
Untitled Mike O'Malley Comedy
Young Rock

Law & Order: While its premiere rating was very strong, it didn't necessarily tell us anything about the strength of the show overall. Being the weakest show in a three-hour crossover, it was bound to get major ratings assistance from its higher-rated SVU counterpart. However, in week two, the show did pretty well, with a 0.49 rating that put it above its late spring lows. I had my doubts that Law & Order would be a long-term player for NBC, and I'm still not entirely convinced it'll last, but it seems to be settling in to a level that's more or less in-line with the other series in its franchise. That'll be more than enough to get it renewed, especially with its strong ties to NBC super-creator Dick Wolf. It remains a LIKELY RENEWAL.

Quantum Leap: It would be remiss of me to not mention Quantum Leap for a second week in a row, following its big week two drop and tiny week three gain. The show is now rating in the mid-0.3s, which is not exactly ideal. It's doing mildly better than Ordinary Joe, as that show was doing the same ratings (or even worse) with a Voice lead-in that was three tenths stronger. Quantum Leap isn't doing well, given that it's still losing half its lead-in, but as of now, it's remaining somewhat respectable in this time slot and is on par with its CBS and ABC time slot counterparts. While further erosion will leave the show vulnerable, I remain cautiously optimistic about the show at this juncture. It LEANS RENEWAL.

Saturday Night Live: One of the most successful shows in television history, SNL returned last week with an impressive 0.73 in the 18-49 demo. While that's obviously well below its highest heights, and is actually a new series low, it's well above average for broadcast TV, rating as the #1 scripted program on broadcast while airing at 11:30 at night on a Saturday. SNL is an institution, and it's obviously not going anywhere anytime soon. Unsurprisingly, it enters as a CERTAIN RENEWAL.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll of the week!

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