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After two weeks off, The 100 returns as the second half of the season kicks off!

S3E9 "Stealing Fire"

Clarke and Murphy are still in Polis. Titus offers them help to get out of Polis, but Clarke demands that they see Aiden. Clarke seems really broken in this scene, which is perfect. Eliza Taylor is perfect in this scene. She talks to Aiden, and discovers that they all promised Lexa to protect the Sky People. However, a woman from the Ice Nation enters, who wants to kill all of Clarke's people. Kane, Sinclair, and Lincoln are all sentenced to death, and their executions will occur the following morning. Bellamy and Monty go to Harper and Miller for a plan to help the three, but they don't trust them, which is understandable. Octavia meets with Bellamy, but she puts him to sleep. Clarke meets with Titus about who will be the next commander, and Murphy makes his sarcastic comments. The Ice Nation woman beheads the others, and sits on the throne, which is really intense.

Bellamy wakes up to Octavia and Indra, both of whom are very angry with him. Kane meets with Abby, who is of course reminded of Jake's death before the series began. It is a really emotional scene. Roan helps Clarke and Murphy escape, but warns her that next time they meet, he won't be friendly. However, Clarke doesn't plan on leaving, and Murphy's comment about this is hilarious. Lincoln tells the woman who will now lead the remainder of the grounders to be strong, and the three are taken away. Harper, who is working with Octavia, is overheard by Monty's mom. Bellamy talks to Indra, and it is an interesting scene. Clarke breaks in, but runs into Titus. They dispute about beliefs, and Clarke discovers that there is one person with the nightblood who is still alive, but fled. Clarke discovers that Lincoln knows the person with the nightblood. Titus gives Clarke the task of making this other woman the commander, making her the flamekeeper.

Pike discovers that the prisoners have escaped, and the guards had been drugged. After Pike leaves, Octavia helps them out of the floor, and there is a comment about living under the floor for sixteen years. Not everything is going as planned, however. Monty helps them escape, even though his mother is there. Will she protect him or turn against him? Kane and Abby kiss, as the show has been hinting towards for forever. Pike announces that either the three must die or the rest of the grounders. Ah, a typical saving the one versus saving the many situation. Lincoln decides to turn himself in, and when Octavia insists on going with him, he puts her to sleep. Lincoln has got to be the most logical person on this show. Lincoln turns himself in, and it is really intense.

Murphy and the Ice Nation woman have a conversation, and this might be one of the best things ever. How great is Murphy? Titus is brought in, and reveals that he gave the flame to Clarke. Roan kills Titus, and it is a very disgusting death. Beheadings, a disgusting death, and coming up soon an execution. What an episode! Indra hears the horn that says there is a new commander, and she leaves Bellamy. Octavia wakes up, and watches from afar as Lincoln is executed. Pike asks him if he has any last words, and he says "not for you". He says "may we meet again" in grounder language. It is a really emotional scene. Octavia is emotional for a moment, but then she forces herself to be strong. This was a fantastic ending.

Do I love it when characters are killed off? Yes, usually, because it usually brings a lot of emotion and intensity to the episode. The death of Lincoln was not an exception, and I can't think of a better way for him to have been killed off. This was a great episode.

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