The Goldbergs S3E11 Review

(Spoilers) This episode was kinda special to me because I like the Beastie Boys. But sadly, it still felt a bit weak to me. Still worth your time though.
S3E11 "The Tasty Boys"

Future Adam starts off by talking about how despite their differences, Adam and Barry shared one favourite music group, The Beastie Boys. He spoke about how they always made fan videos and started their own group, The Tasty Boys. OF course Erica stepped in to act as the killjo.... I mean, the voice of reason and told them they can't sing to which Barry makes her feel bad for not showing of her musical talents. Their argument inspires the boys to find a 3rd member which leads them to hosting auditions, ultimately deciding on hiring Barry's friend Jeff, who suffers from stage fright.
They start creating a profile which includes creating an entourage, making album covers, and spreading lies about their success, but forget the most important thing which Erica points out: Making songs, for which Barry just says that they will just freestyle it on the spot. Of course, this backfires when they finally get to sing at the school pep rally but realise they cant freestyle rap, thus prompting Jeff to flee. Erica then steps in and together they lip sync a song together "Shake Your Rump" which ends up with the whole school joining them, allowing them to live their rap group dream, even if it was just for a day

In storyline B, upon seeing the Kremp's new kitchen, Beverly decides to get Murray to renovate their kitchen. However, Murray doesn't want that despite his friend Bill willing to help, which makes Beverly call him out as a change hater. To get Murray to change the kitchen, Beverly destroys the kitchen so that Murray will have to renovate it. However Murray sees through Beverly and renovates it back to it's former self which leads Beverly to start dumping Murray's stash of discontinued Coca cola which he had hoarded. Eventually Murray convinces her to stop, but leaves her bitter for his refusal to change for her. This leads to Murray wearing jeans and attempting yoga to try to get on her good side which ultimately works, and together they remodel the kitchen

Despite the Beastie Boys tribute, this episode felt a bit weak compared to many of the others this season. The part about The Tasty Boys not being prepared with any songs and getting trapped in a web of their own lies was predictable, but it did allow Erica to break out of her shy shell. Murray wearing jeans was also a major highlight of the episode

Quote of the week: "Your weird voice sounds like you have a young man and an old woman stuck in your body"

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