The Princess Royal Season 1 Episode 2 - Victim of Love

The Princess Royal Season 1, Episode 2
Victim of Love

Two weeks after Paul’s death, Olivia meets with Eleanor and the rest of the family at Buckingham Palace.

Eleanor: Olivia, we are so grateful for you to be joining us back in family. We’ve been apart far too long.

Olivia: Gonna be honest, I forgot how good the tea was here, I had to come back for it.

Eleanor: It’s been so long I forgot your senses of humor. Is that a joke?

Olivia: Yes, mother. I’m not returning to the family for some Twinings.

Eleanor: All right then, good to know.

Claude: How is everyone doing?

Olivia: My god. Did I just hear someone in this family ask other members of this family how they feel?

Claude: Our father just died, Olivia.

Olivia: I know that. We didn't even discuss it when Aunt Marlo died. We just had our Sunday lunch together the day after the funeral, said nothing about her, and moved on.

Claude: We’ve changed protocol since then. You may have missed the memo on account of your absence from the family.

Ethan: Let’s go easy on her. It’s not like it was exactly her choice. Mum and papa basically chased her off.

Eleanor: I did nothing of the sort. 

Selina (Ethan’s wife): Exactly. She made her own choice, mum and papa only stuck with protocol.

Ethan: Mum is the Queen of the United Kingdom, she could bend the rules for her own daughter.

Claude: I think we’re straying away from the point here.

Olivia: Ethan, I have a question.

Claire: This should be good.

Ethan: What is it, Liv?

Olivia: Why won’t Selina speak to me? Or even acknowledge my existence?

Ethan: Oh. She hates you.

Olivia: Huh, good reason.

Claude: No one ever answered my question.

Olivia: I’ve got a feeling no one is going to, either.

Arthur: I forget what the question was.

Claude: I asked how everyone is doing. Somehow a controversial question.

Olivia: Not controversial! I’m glad it was asked, I’m simply surprised it was at all.

Claude: So would anyone care to respond?

Arthur: I’ve felt dreadfully sad. I already miss my talks with grandpa. He was a massive influence in my life and now he’s gone and it’s hard to simply move on.

Claire: He cries himself to sleep every night, it’s an awful sight. I appreciate that he wears his heart on his sleeve, though. Plenty of men would try to hide those feelings, I know my father would.

Olivia: Hiding feelings? In this family? That doesn’t sound like us at all!

Claire: That’s why I’m so proud of him for being so honest about his feelings, he’s truly breaking the mold.

Claude: I am extremely emotional!

Christine (Claude’s wife): Dear, I’ve met bags of crisps that show more emotion that you do.

Claude: I can’t believe what I’m hearing!

Ethan: The rest of us can.

Claire: Claude, I love you but you’re not exactly the most emotional. You didn’t even cry at my and Arthur’s wedding.

Claude: My son was getting married, why would I cry? That was a happy moment!

Claire: You don’t only show emotion when you’re sad.

Christine: Don’t take it too seriously, Claire. He did cry at our wedding, now I have to wonder why.

Claude: It’s because I was so happy.

Christine: Sure you were.

Olivia: I already so love being back, I wouldn’t want to miss this!

That night, when Olivia returns home…

Fred: Another late night, Liv! Did you have fun at your mum’s?

Olivia: It’s Buckingham Palace, Frederick. You say it like I went to a small cottage in Essex.

Fred: No, that would be far too drab for you.

Olivia: It’s funny, my family thinks I dress far too drab and have the taste of a commoner. You think I’m uppity and too high-class.

Fred: You wear Burberry! That’s not low-class!

Olivia: That’s what I said!

Fred: So other than them mocking your fashion sense, how was your visit?

Olivia: It was nice. We actually discussed our feelings, that scared me a bit.

Fred: You did what?

Olivia: Trust me, I was even more shocked than you currently are. I simply couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Fred: What happened to your family since you’ve been gone?

Olivia: Some soul-searching, apparently. As in, they finally found souls.

Fred: How deep did your discussion go? I’m quite curious.

Olivia: You should come next time, we’re meeting for tea on Friday.

Fred: I’m good. You just lost one parent, I don’t feel like giving your other one a heart attack.

Olivia: Mum doesn’t hate you! Well, not anymore.

Fred: You chose me over them. Surely I’m not her favorite person.

Olivia: I did not choose you over them. They made that choice for me.

Fred: Well, thanks for knocking me down a peg, I guess.

Olivia: I didn’t mean it like that. I meant that the way they acted when I told them about you, of course I’d choose my one true love over them.

Fred: Aww. That’s sweet.

Olivia: I am sweetheart. Everyone says it.

Fred: Let’s not go too overboard.

Olivia: Can I tell you something I’ve been thinking about since I left Buckingham today?

Fred: You don’t really want to have to see these people after all? I understand completely.

Olivia: No. Seeing them when I have these past few weeks has only reinforced my decision to come back. And, by the grace of God, I will get you to join me.

Fred: Let’s give that a bit of time. Ten, fifteen, maybe twenty years?

Olivia: What I was trying to say before your distraction is that the grief I feel is deep, too deep for me to bear on my own. I think I need to get help. Mental help.

Fred: A therapist?

Olivia: Yes…

Fred: I fully support you. Will your family? I know how they are about this sort of thing.

Olivia: I have to talk with them, but I’m doing it. Maybe I’ll keep it under wraps publicly, I don’t need the Guardian talking about how looney I am, but I’m doing it.

Fred: I’m proud of you. You should get all the help you need, you’ve been through a lot.

Olivia: Don’t I know it!

Fred: Are you going to tell your family before you go or after?

Olivia: Well, not before. They will try to stop me. Especially mother.

Fred: What about Claude?

Olivia: Like I care about Claude’s opinion on anything.

Fred: This is such a nice, functional family.

Olivia: I love my brother, I do. It’s just that no one really takes his opinion seriously. You’ve met him, you know how he is.

Fred: It’s been twenty years.

Olivia: We own a television.

Fred: He’s like that in real life? I thought it was an act.

Olivia: Unfortunately not.

Fred: Okay, I get it now. I understand not caring too much for his opinion.

Olivia: Glad we’re on the same page!

Fred: As always, darling.

Three days later, Olivia is approached by the press when leaving the hospital.

James McHenry (reporter): Olivia, what are you doing here?

Olivia: Olivia? It that any way to address The Princess Royal?

James: My apologies, Your Royal Highness.

Olivia: That’s better. I’ve been out of the game for a while but I believe I’m still owed some respect.

James: Is everything all right with you? Why are you at the hospital? Are you poorly?

Olivia: You’re here. Are you?

James: No, I’m here because you’re here.

Olivia: It’s nice to have a stalker. I’ve always wanted one.

James: How do you respond to the rumor that you’re here to see a therapist?

Olivia: I’d say that, for once, you guys got something correct. Now, toodle-oo. I’ve got things to do and this conversation is not among them.

That night, Olivia receives a phone call from Gigi.

Gigi: Mother!

Olivia: Always appreciate being yelled at by my daughter, that makes an evening truly special.

Gigi: I didn’t yell.

Olivia: You raised your voice.

Gigi: Well, I tried calling twice before and you didn't answer. I was worried about you.

Olivia: Oh, you did call. Oops.

Gigi: What is this about you seeing a therapist? I saw it on the BBC. I figured it couldn’t possibly be true since I have, well, met you.

Olivia: It is true. As much as I like to prank the reporters, I am actually seeing a therapist. Her name is Dr. Gershwin and she is lovely.

Gigi: You’re seeing a therapist? I didn’t realize my mother was Tony Soprano.

Olivia: I don’t know who that is and I won’t respond to it.

Gigi: He’s - never mind.

Olivia: Mental health is important, Gigi. I know I seem entirely unaffected, but your grandfather’s death has impacted me in such an unexpected way. A few days ago, Claude asked us all how we were feeling and it made me think.

Gigi: Claude? As in my uncle? Since when does he have feelings?

Olivia: I thought the same thing.

Gigi: Being back in the family is really changing you.

Olivia: How so?

Gigi: You seem happier.

Olivia: My father just died and you think I seem happier?

Gigi: You were very miserable before. 

Olivia: Not “in need of therapy” bad.

Gigi: Yes…

Olivia: I - that is untrue!

Gigi: It is not.

Olivia: I need to go, your brother is calling.

Gigi: I’m so sorry.

Olivia: It’s okay, I forgive you for telling me I was miserable. You just misspoke.

Gigi: No, I mean because you have to talk to Todd.

Olivia: Oh, stop being so rude to your brother.

Gigi: Never.

Olivia: Goodbye, Gigi. Talk soon.

Gigi: Bye, mother.

Olivia hangs up and answers the call from Todd.

Todd: Hey mum!

Olivia: What’s going on, Todd?

Todd: Oh, nothing much.

Olivia: So what’re you calling about?

Todd: No real reason.

Olivia: That’s lovely.

Todd: Don’t you want to talk to your son?

Olivia: Your sister just interrogated me, I’m not exactly in the mood.

Todd: Gigi does have a tendency to put people in a bad mood.

Olivia: I’m getting another call I need to answer. Anything you need to share before I go?

Todd: Um, not really.

Olivia: All right, then. Night, Todd!

Olivia answers the other call, from television producer Marilyn Stewart.

Marilyn: Hello Your Royal Highness, I understand that you’re probably not used to calls such as this, but I have an exciting opportunity for you.

Olivia: How’d you get my phone number?

Marilyn: I must protect my sources.

Olivia: It was Gigi.

Marilyn: I’m calling to ask for you to participate in an interview for the show I work on, Evening Deadline with Manny Howe.

Olivia: I don’t do interviews, I’m sorry.

Marilyn: I think this would truly be of interest to you. We want to discuss mental health.

Olivia: Absolutely not.

Marilyn: We saw your run in with a reporter today and saw your statement about therapy. We believe that it could truly help stop the stigma to see someone as respected as yourself discuss it openly on national television.

Olivia: I’m a very private person, what I said today was more than enough. I truly respect your mission here, but I’m passing. Thank you.

Marilyn: Okay, I will not push. Have a nice night, ma’am.

The next day, at Buckingham Palace…

Eleanor: Olivia…

Olivia: Yes, Your Majesty?

Eleanor: You don’t have to call me that in private.

Olivia: But you said a few weeks ago th-

Eleanor: It was a joke. I joke. You know this.

Olivia: It’s been a while, I’m used to seeing you so serious on television.

Eleanor: I’m not that serious.

Arthur: Gran, you are. Nothing wrong with being stoic in front of the world.

Eleanor: Anyway, Olivia, I have a concern.

Ethan: I truly can not wait to hear this.

Selina: Let her have it, mum!

Olivia: SHe’s not your mother, Selina. She’s mine!

Selina: Did you guys just hear something?

Ethan: I’m not taking sides here so don’t ask me to.

Christine: Ethan, you’re always supposed to take your wife’s side. You know that.

Selina: Exactly. You don’t have a choice here, buddy.

Ethan: Mum, what was it that you were you saying?

Eleanor: Finally I can speak. You’d think you’d let the Queen speak, but apparently not.

Claude: Mother, you better hurry before they start up again.

Claire: I have a story about my trip to Derry that I’ve been waiting to tell.

Arthur: Honey, no one ever wants to hear about Derry.

Claire: I know…

Eleanor: I’m quite concerned about what happened yesterday.

Olivia: What, did you break your favorite teacup?

Eleanor: I saw your interview on television with that James McHenry.

Olivia: Interview? He ambushed me when I left the hospital.

Claude: You sure were willing to talk to him, though.

Olivia: I’m not rude like you.

Eleanor: You didn't have to tell this stranger that you’re going to therapy. Some things are sacred and aren’t to be discussed in public.

Ethan: This is why we say you’re too serious. Let Olivia talk about whatever she wants in public.

Arthur: She’s barely even back in the family, give her some time to get re-acquainted with the rules before we yell at her.

Ethan: I don’t think she even did anything against the rules.

Eleanor: Of course she did. We don’t talk to paparazzi. Especially about our health! It’s no one’s business but our own.

Claude: Speaking of health, what are you in therapy for, Olivia? Just a few days I asked how you were feeling and you didn’t mention anything about therapy.

Olivia: That’s because I just started going. Your conversation made me realize I needed to go. I know this family wouldn’t understand, but I think it’s good for me.

Eleanor: I don’t understand the need for it. What does a therapist do for you that someone in your own family can’t?

Olivia: I feel comfortable talking with a therapist. I can’t tell you lot every thought I have.

Eleanor: You feel closer with a stranger than with us?

Olivia: No, the exact opposite. It’s easier to spill your guts to someone you have absolutely no connection with than with people you care about.

Claire: May I say something?

Eleanor: I don’t see why not.

Claire: I don’t talk about it with anyone besides Arthur, and you probably don’t know, but I also see a therapist. It’s helped me so much.

Claude: You see a therapist? What about?

Claire: That’s personal, I hope you understand. Everyone carries a burden, some of us need the help of others to get through those burdens.

Olivia: That’s beautiful, Claire. It sums up my exact feelings.

Claire: I wish more people would be open to getting the help that they need. I know it can be awkward to admit you need it, but once you do, it really gets so much better.

Olivia: I so agree. I’ve only had two appointments, but my doctor has helped me so much. I’ve been in a bad place since papa died, and I’m not better now, but I do feel heard. That’s good.

Claude: We’ll hear you if you talk to us.

Olivia: I do want to talk to you, but I also need to go to therapy. It’s not an either-or situation.

Eleanor: Can we at least try to keep it private? We don’t need everyone thinking that the British Royal Family is mentally unstable.

Olivia: Why, would that make us seen too relatable? Too normal? There’s nothing unstable about struggling with your mental health.

Claire: That judgment is why people don’t get help.

Eleanor: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant, we’re supposed to appear to be above that. I don’t want our image tarnished.

Olivia: Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can suffer from depression. In fact, I think I need more people to know about this.

Claude: Is she nuts? You know what… bad choice of words.

Christine: Sure was. You sound like an insensitive jerk.

Claude: I thought spouses were supposed to be on each others’ sides.

Christine: No, husbands are supposed to be on their wives’ sides. Wives can make decisions for themselves.

Olivia: I got an offer to do a BBC interview about mental health. I think I’ll take them up on that offer. Maybe I can convince some people out there that it’s really okay to get help when you’re struggling.

Claire: I think that would be wonderful!

Olivia: You found a good one, Arthur. I wish I’d gotten to know her sooner.

Arthur: I wish you did, as well. She is quite a keeper.

Claire: Darn right I am!

Eleanor: This will shock you, but I think that doing the interview would be beneficial. You’ve done something rare today, Olivia - you’ve changed my mind.

Olivia: This is one of my greatest accomplishments.

Eleanor: It truly is.

Olivia: So do you want to do the interview with me?

Eleanor: Don’t push me.

Olivia: Sorry.

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