Modern Family S7E15 Review

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Claire takes care of everything this week on Modern Family. How does she do it?

S7E15 "I Don't Know How She Does It"

At the start of the episode, Claire is the super mom. She gets the electricity back on when he screws up, and she takes care of things for all of the kids as well. Phil is really funny in this. Joe annoys the rest of his family with a toy, and there is a hilarious joke about the toy plane going Amelia Earhart. Mitch and Cam discover that they were placed at a bad table at a gay wedding, and they wonder why. Claire has a personal assistant to help her, and it is pretty funny, because he writes "love you" on the board of things to say to Phil. Luke and Manny cut classes, and they head back to Manny's house to send the school an email from Gloria's email. However, while they are there, Jay shows up, which they are unaware of. Jay has his own problem, Gloria has made a disgusting dish that he needs to get rid of.

Gloria is also at the house, and she has something she wants to do without Jay knowing. However, they both fall asleep. Cam believes that they are getting treated poorly because Mitch does gay divorces, but it turns out that no one knew that. Phil fails at all of the tasks that he said that he could do, but his attempt to do them is really entertaining. Claire and her personal assistant discuss if they have gone too far, and it is hilarious. Luke and Manny take the computer to the computer store, but Luke's old babysitter works there.

Jay, Gloria, and Luke and Manny all try to not let the others know about their problems, and it is hilarious. Mitch and Cam are told that they RSVPed no for the last two weddings, which turns out to have been Lily. She is embarrassed of their dance moves, which is hilarious. Phil realizes that Claire has a personal assistant. He is going to bust Claire, but after overhearing a conversation where she shows how overwhelmed she feels, he helps her out without saying anything, which is really sweet, and totally the kind of thing that Phil would do.

This was a great episode. It was easily one of the best episodes of the season, if not the best.

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