Fox Renew/Cancel #3: ’The Cleaning Lady’ Will Stay On the Payroll


Predictions for 1/17/22

Below are the latest renew/cancel predictions for the Fox network in the 2021-22 television season. The numbers listed in the table are the ratings that these shows have garnered in the Adults 18-49 demographic. Four programs have entered the arena since the previous update. As always, only scripted programming will be taken into account in this column.


The Cleaning Lady: After the rotten luck Fox had with new dramas in the fall of 2021, the 0.51 rating that 'The Cleaning Lady' posted for its series premiere served as a refreshing change of pace. Though not a massive hit by any means, this was markedly stronger than the starts of dramas 'Our Kind of People' (0.35) and 'The Big Leap' (0.29). A modest 10% dip in week two placed it at a rather serviceable 0.46, still well above even the highest ratings of the fall newbies. On average, 'Cleaning Lady' has retained a respectable 70% of its '9-1-1: Lone Star' lead-in and fell by a smaller amount than 'Lone Star' did during their second night airing together. While these mediocre ratings would place it as a tossup on a network with A and B-caliber freshman, this C-level performance looks like a godsend against Ds and Fs like 'Our Kind of People' and 'Big Leap'. Although unemployment may loom over her if ratings continue to trickle down, 'The Cleaning Lady' should be able to keep her job for another year. Status: LIKELY RENEWAL

Call Me Kat: Though the comedy's current average may seem promising, it's beginning to look like 'Call Me Kat' will have to close up shop. The sophomore sitcom actually started season two on solid footing, posting an NFL-boosted 1.22 rating that was on-par with the post-football delivery of 'The Simpsons'. If that were not encouraging enough, this rating was just 11% lower than its 2021 series debut (1.37). Things took a troubling for 'Kat' and friends when the series crumbled on Thursday night, garnering a horrific series low (0.30) and going nearly 60% behind its timeslot start from the previous year (0.68). Though there's still time for 'Kat' to change its fate, a collapse of this degree indicates that the Mayim Bialik vehicle will not be sticking around. Status: LIKELY CANCEL

Pivoting: This new sitcom will soon be 'Pivoting' to the exit as its ratings are pitiful enough that it currently sits near the bottom of the roster. Even when taking into account the fact that it lost over 50% of 'Call Me Kat' on premiere night, the 0.60 rating it debuted with was still somewhat workable. After that passable launch, it collapsed on Thursday evening and posted a pathetic 0.23 rating in the Adults 18-49 demographic. Fox may not have much going for it in the sitcom department but they certainly will not renew the one with the lowest ratings of the pack. Status: LIKELY CANCEL

9-1-1: Lone Star: This drama began its third season with a strong 0.76 rating and then dropped to a still robust 0.65 for episode two. Although a clear step down from the 0.8-1.0 range it inhabited in season two, 'Lone Star' has proven that it can anchor an hour without the assistance of its parent series '9-1-1'. Since it remains one of the highest-rated programs on the Fox network, a renewal is all but guaranteed for this spinoff series. Status: CERTAIN RENEWAL


Will 'The Cleaning Lady' Be Renewed?

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