HBO Max Renew/Cancel: Peacemaker Is Predicted To Be Renewed Due To Sky High Demand

Below is a table used to predict the fates of scripted original series on HBO Max. The table has been expanded since the last edition of this column; here’s a breakdown of it: 

-Worldwide Audience Demand Multiplier (7-day window) reflects a show’s demand compared to the demand of the average series over the course of the past 7 days. A 1.0 is considered average, but keep in mind this includes shows that have ended or been canceled years or even decades ago. 

-U.S. Audience Demand Multiplier (7-day window) is measured the same way as Worldwide Audience Demand Multiplier (7-day window), except only demand from the United States is counted. This is the country where all shows in the below table are produced. 

-U.S. Audience Demand Multiplier (30-day window) refers to the demand a show receives over the course of a 30-day period. 

-IMDb Rating is the score out of 10 given by users on the respected website IMDb. This is reported here as it is also reported by Parrot Analytics. 

-Distributor refers to the distribution company of a series. It is typically easier for a show produced by the streaming service to be renewed than a show by an outside company. 

-Last released refers to the last time a new episode the given series was released on the platform.

This table is updated as of January 27, 2022. 

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Peacemaker has far more than double the Worldwide Audience Demand of the next most demanded original on HBO Max. It’s growing exponentially in the United States, with the 7-day window multiplier being exactly double that of the 30-day window multiplier. Expect the 30-day window multiplier to grow significantly in the coming days and weeks, and likely the 7-day window multiplier as well. It would be surprising if this Suicide Squad spinoff isn’t renewed before the end of the season on February 17. Additionally, the strong IMDb rating means HBO Max has to be ecstatic about its initial performance. 

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