2021-22 Drama Scorecard (9/21-1/5): This Is Us Shatters a Seasonal Ratings Record for Scripted Series


 January is an exciting time in the broadcast network world, almost as crucial as premiere week in September as new and returning shows make their way onto the schedule.  This week, returning veterans such as 9-1-1: Lonestar and This Is Us premiered (and strongly), while freshman pilots The Cleaning Lady and Good Sam made their debuts.  Early January also represents a magical time with a brief spike in ratings, and This Is Us' final season premiere debuted to a stellar 1.05.  

While not the first scripted series in the season to break the 1.0 mark (The Simpsons does this regularly due to NFL boosts), This Is Us did it standalone without a strong lead-in.  Enjoy the rarity while it is here, as the days of mega-hits on the scripted front are becoming rarer.  NBC's dramas created a bright spot on their schedule after a disappointing season with many winners to write home about.  Along with TIU, The Chicago and Law & Order franchises reign strong coloring the top of the chart blue.  NBC also has its share of stinkers, but these franchises power up the lineup.

Elsewhere, FOX seems to have a wonderful handle on Monday nights, and Tuesdays need some work.  CBS has a somewhat steady band of NCIS and FBI franchises despite NCIS carving out a series low of 0.47 and losing out to FOX pilot The Cleaning Lady by 0.04.  Where CBS needs to keep their eyes is Bull and Good Sam, who now hold the lowest two averages in the drama department.  And ABC?  Be the judge as their dramas lost considerable ground from a year ago, sliding from 2nd highest down to 4th.  6-A50-A597-6791-4-D13-AF16-8-ED1-DD1-A3-E72 9148-F154-840-C-47-E7-AFAF-46-F737-A84688 F4-DADA84-E62-A-4957-BEA6-C54-EF075-B233 A0-F360-B9-1-B0-E-46-E2-944-E-F5-FB3-DC9023-E 10042377-D9-B0-4-E4-A-8-ADD-4-DDDB8-EBE5-FF

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