Paramount+ Renew/Cancel: SEAL Team Finds Its Footing As A Streaming Original


Below is a table of audience demand multipliers as reported by Parrot Analytics for Paramount+’s original series. A 1.0 multiplier is the average for all shows past and present, and is updated on a rolling 30-day basis. The worldwide index reflects a show’s demand internationally, with a higher index indicating a higher demand. The numbers seen in this table are as reported on January 14, 2021. Let us know what you think by leaving a reaction and comment!


Star Trek: Discovery
Star Trek: Discovery’s run on CBS may have been a disappointment, but it is by far the most-demanded Star Trek show on Paramount+ in the United States, and their most-demanded show in the United States overall. It is clearly a show built for streaming, and one that has helped to reinvigorate the Star Trek brand. A renewal seems like a formality. 

Mayor of Kingstown
At over a 20 U.S. audience demand multiplier, Mayor of Kingstown is the only show on Paramount+ with audience demand multipliers reported in the double digits that isn’t a revival or Star Trek series. While not outstanding, its worldwide index is certainly solid, and its 7.9 IMDb rating is one of the highest on the streaming service. Based on this information, it doesn’t look like things could’ve gone much better. 

SEAL Team’s U.S. audience demand multiplier for the month of January 2021 was 14.5. This means it has actually risen in demand since it moved from CBS to Paramount+, arguably making this a successful move that may have added some time onto the show’s lifespan. It also has the second-highest worldwide index on Paramount+, and the highest for a drama. With Evil already renewed, one would wonder if Viacom will start to shift more CBS shows over to Paramount+. 

Star Trek: Prodigy
Paramount+ now has four separate Star Trek series with their own success stories. Like with Rugrats and Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years, Viacom is simultaneously running this kids’ program on Nickelodeon and Paramount Plus. The strategy appears to be working for Star Trek: Prodigy, which is holding its own amongst the other Star Trek series. 

No Activity
It’s been over 7 months since the fourth season of No Activity aired, and there’s been no word on if there will be a fifth. This fourth season was the first to be animated, perhaps in an effort to keep costs down and/or find a new fanbase for the series. While the U.S. audience demand multiplier certainly is respectable, especially given how long it’s been since the end of the fourth season, Paramount+ seems to be in no hurry to renew it. It was one of the first shows ordered to series on CBS All Access, and Viacom may be looking to phase out middling shows associated with the CBS All Access name more than anything else. 

The Harper House
The Harper House was canceled after just one season, with the decision being announced shortly after the season finale. With the paltry audience demand and IMDb rating, it is not unimaginable to see why. As of now, the only shows with series commitments in the animated department for Paramount+ are aimed at kids. 

Tooning Out The News
Like No Activity, Tooning Out The News premiered on CBS All Access. After releasing over 200 short episodes on a nearly daily basis, Paramount+ switched up the formatting for the final month of the second and most recent season to be once a week on Fridays for a half hour. If Paramount+ was content on how Tooning Out The News was performing, it’s unlikely they would’ve changed the way they release the episodes. Additionally, it doesn’t appear that this new strategy helped any, with a very low U.S. audience demand and virtually nonexistent international presence. Perhaps Tooning Out The News will stay around to release specials, but it’s hard to see it coming back for a third season. 

Typically, shows without reported audience demands are automatically labeled toss-ups. 1883 is a rare exception. Given the success of the premiere on linear television, combined with the high IMDb rating, and it’s safe to say Paramount+ likely will want to hold onto 1883. 

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