2021-22 Season-To-Date Report (9/1-1/5): NBC and CBS Network Averages Get Shucked Midseason


January windfalls are once again here, leaving to some choice surprises.  For the first time in the 2021-22 season, not a single factional show inhabits the top 10 positions!  Enjoy the rare sighting as this may last only a couple weeks.  The next surprise is This is Us cracked the 1.0 mark this week, rare for scripted series to do in today's TV climate.  Sure, The Simpsons does this all the time, but often inflated with NFL overrun.  TIU scored this victory on their own without another show feeding those numbers.  And the last surprise is NBC's average has dropped by a significant margin beneath FOX.  For the prior 11 seasons, NBC reigned in 1st Place for 10 of those years thanks to hits such as The Voice and This is Us.

TIU dropped marginally last season out of megahit territory, and The Voice also fumbled suit and will not have a spring cycle.  With Superbowl LVI in their court, they will enjoy windfalls from ample promotion, but it will be a horse race with FOX.  As for CBS, their numbers also softened, slightly below ABC.  How did this happen, despite holding a strong comedy block?  ABC has aired more entries of Monday Night Football and put their name back in the hat.  Without that entry, ABC would likely be a full tenth under CBS as the chart below shows their series have sank.  Not all reported is bleak though.  

FOX landed a modest hit with The Cleaning Lady, as well as wisely lending the Sunday, January 2 post-NFL timeslot to Next Level Chef to help boost interest.  ABC's The Bachelor returned to solid numbers, and The Amazing Race also returned with a sturdy following.  151 shows are now on display for the season, and many more to come.  What will the numbers look like come May?  Stay tuned as it is going to be an interesting ride.


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