Peacock Renew/Cancel: One of Us Is Lying Among The Few Shows Renewed


Below is a table of audience demand multipliers as reported by Parrot Analytics for Peacock’s original series. A 1.0 multiplier is the average for all shows past and present, and is updated on a rolling 30-day basis. The worldwide index reflects a show’s demand internationally, with a higher index indicating a higher demand. The numbers seen in this table are as reported on January 15, 2021. Let us know what you think by leaving a reaction and comment! 


The Lost Symbol
Of all the shows in this table, The Lost Symbol is the only one that actually seems to be getting a lot of demand, both domestically and internationally. It’s tough to say if the fact it’s distributed internationally by ViacomCBS will hurt it or not; there have been rumblings of Comcast and Viacom talking about working together more often. Regardless, it’s tough to bet against a renewal for the show with the highest demand. 

Curious George
Curious George is the only Peacock original series aimed at kids that sees relatively high demand. It’s a little surprising there hasn’t been any news about another season yet, but it’s certainly in a much better position than their other offerings. 

Saved by the Bell
Peacock has a problem. According to Next TV, Peacock is losing roughly $8 every month on every user, and 84% of their premium subscribers get the service complementary with their pre-existing cable subscription. According to The Information, Peacock was barely mentioned at all on a conference call from Comcast to Wall Street discussing Q3 2021 earnings. Of all the shows branded as Peacock originals, very few currently have secured renewals, and at this point it’s tough to see a Saved by the Bell reboot bringing in enough new subscribers to make the expenses of a third season worthwhile. Lack of ability of future seasons to bring in many new subscribers also plausibly could’ve led to A.P. Bio’s cancelation. 

The Girl in the Woods
The Girl in the Woods has lower U.S. demand than both other dramas, a lower IMDb rating than any other show in the table, and the worldwide index of 0.18 is nothing to brag about. Both it and One of Us Is Lying wrapped their first seasons on the same day, yet only the latter has been renewed so far. There doesn’t seem to be much going for The Girl in the Woods right now, leading to its cancelation prediction. 

Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes of the Sky
Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes of the Sky has more international demand than almost all other Peacock originals, and quite possibly is expanding the platform’s reach to kids internationally. It by no means looks like a hit in the vein of Curious George, but unless Peacock plans on cleaning house with kids’ shows, it should be doing enough to secure a renewal. 

Archibald’s Next Big Thing Is Here!
Peacock has been consistently renewing Archibald’s Next Big Thing Is Here!, to the point where four separate 6-episode seasons aired in 2021. Ever since the most recent season in October, Peacock has been quiet about the fate of the show. Had they kept up with how often they were releasing seasons, a new season would’ve been announced and released by now. Additionally, audience demand seems perpetually stuck in the low 1s. All this makes Archibald’s Next Big Thing Is Here! a vulnerable show. 

With no audience demand figures reported, MacGruber will default to a toss-up prediction. Creator, executive producer, and star Will Forte will host Saturday Night Live on January 22 and presumably reprise the MacGruber character originally made famous on the show. Comcast does seem to be in support of the show, and they’ll likely be looking to see if demand increases in the days following Forte’s hosting gig. 

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