Great News S1E3-4 Review

In this week's episodes, the team gets to experience a day without Chuck, and Carol meets a guy that Katie is in a relationship with.

S1E3 "Chuck Pierce is Blind"

Chuck takes a day off from the show, which leads to Greg realizing how often he has used Chuck as an excuse to not do bad ideas on the show. Carol takes care of Chuck after his cataract surgery, so she takes him back to her place. There are some good funny moments here.

The bad ideas on the show are really funny because of how bad they are, so they try to get Chuck back. Carol brings him back, and it's funny as he pretends to be able to see. It is entertaining as Carol does the things she needs to in order to prepare for the show. The show ends up being horrible, but better than rehearsal.

S1E4 "War Is Hell"

Katie tries to keep a relationship she's in secret from Carol, but that doesn't last long. Katie doesn't want to hear Carol's complaints, but Carol ends up liking the guy Katie is seeing. After talking to Portia about this, Katie realizes Carol might be using a tactic from Days of Our Lives. After discovering that Carol did a bunch of research, Katie ends up trying to find out something about the guy. In the end, Katie realizes that her mom was just pointing things out to her that she didn't want to admit, and she and the guy break up.

Chuck wants to go into the field, but he is secretly scared. Carol is funny in a conversation she has with him about this, and she tells him to not care what people think, but after seeing Greg and Justin watching videos of Chuck's past experiences in the field, he gets mad. So, Chuck creates an experience to terrify them, which also keeps him from going overseas.

Both episodes were better than last week's. Chuck and Carol were great together in episode three. By episode four, I started to get a little bit annoyed with Chuck, but Carol was great, and there were many great funny moments that didn't include Carol, such as the Days of Our Lives ones.

Score: 8.5/10 (episode 3)

Score: 9/10 (episode 4)

What did you think of "Chuck Pierce is Blind" and "War Is Hell"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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