Jess's Take: Some TV Shows to Check Out This Summer

Here comes another installment folks! I came up with a list of television shows to check out for the summer.

1. The Gong Show (ABC)
This revival of the classic variety show is set to turn some heads. This is hosted by "Tommy Maitland", a character attributed to comedian and Shrek voice actor Mike Myers. Already, this is going to be hilarious. It premieres June 22.

2. Orange is the New Black (Netflix)
The fifth season is premiering June 9 on Netflix. Make sure to binge watch the first four seasons before watching this upcoming season.

3. Will (TNT)
This screams a William Shakespeare biopic. It is about a young Shakespeare navigating through Elizabethan London. It premieres July 10.

4. Salvation (CBS)
The old people network's summer offer, Salvation, is about trying to save Earth from an impending apocalypse via asteroid. It premieres July 12.

5. Game of Thrones (HBO)
The penultimate season will premiere July 16. It will consist of seven episodes, and The Great War has begun.

Here we have it: five shows to check out during the summer. We'll have more shows for a Part 2 another day.

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