Bull S1E22 Review

This is the second of three episodes this season to feature the new character of J.P, who may be added to the main cast next season.

S1E22 "Dirty Little Secrets"

Due to the agreement from last week, Bull has to take on a case that he doesn't want to work on, which is an interesting obstacle. Bull tries to keep the case from going to trial because they will be up against the United States government. Despite being fully against the case, Bull presents it to his team, and acts positive about it. Cable is the most against the case, refusing to work on it.

Bull and J.P. argue about the case when he tries to convince her of something, and she argues that this is a cause worth fighting for. Benny gets the files, and Cable gets someone to unencrypt them. Bull goes to Cable, who has discovered why Bull doesn't like lawyers: he failed the bar twice. This is a great moment between the two of them.

The case this week is actually quite simplistic: Bull doesn't believe in the case but J.P. does, they end up swapping positions, and once Bull talks to J.P, she believes in it again, and as a result is able to convince the jury. At the end of the episode, the show once again exhibits how it wants to be more of a police procedural, figuring out who is responsible, and getting them in trouble.

The moments having to do with Cable were wonderful, and the scene between Cable and Danny was great. However, the rest of the episode underwhelmed, and the relationship between Marissa and Bull felt awkward. Also, I really hope that J.P. ins't a main character next season.

Score: 4.5/10

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