Great News Season 1 Finale Review

In the final two episodes of the first season of Great News, Carol struggles at school, and Katie makes a big discovery in her hacking story.

S1E9 "Carol Has a Bully"

It is revealed that Greg's grandmother owns the network, and they have to impress her when she comes to visit. Greg's grandmother gives the job to his brother, and Chuck realizes that he is in love with her. Greg stands up for himself, so his grandmother finally approves of him.

Katie discovers that Carol hasn't been going to school. This is an interesting problem for Katie that this show's premise allows. It's hilarious when Carol says that she has a bully, and this turns out to be the teacher. Carol has to study for the midterm the next day, and it's funny when Katie refers to Blindspot with how Carol has written the answers on her arms and legs.

Katie helps Carol, but as a result neglects her story. Carol gets upset at Katie for accusing her of using pregnancy as an excuse for quitting school the first time around. However, Katie ends up standing up for Carol, and as a result gets fired.

S1E10 "Carol's Eleven"

Katie enjoys not working, but Carol tries to get her to apply for new jobs. Everyone is annoyed with how Greg is running things, due to his grandmother's influence. Katie moves back in with Carol, which she is excited about, but she still feels that there is something wrong.

Katie discovers that Greg's grandmother is behind the hacking, but when they threaten to expose this, she insists that they air her version of the story. Katie, however, comes up with a plan. They do a fake show, where there is a hilarious line from Portia about what a homicide victim may be hiding, while the real show is filmed on the roof.

The grandmother attempts to shut down the show, but she fails. It's funny when Katie doesn't get the credit for this, but tries to. Near the end of the episode, Greg is about to kiss Katie when others come into the room, so he covers by saying it's a British thing, and it's hilarious when then he has to kiss a bunch of the employees.

The first episode of the hour was enjoyable the whole way through, though it didn't stand out in any way. It had funny jokes, and the story worked very well, but it wasn't hilarious or anything. I mostly really enjoyed the season finale, though I felt that the scenes where Carol saw Katie as a kid still felt like too much.

Score: 9/10 (episode 9)

Score: 9.5/10 (episode 10)

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