theratingsjunkie's CBS Fall 2017 Mock Schedule

Can't wait for CBS to release their schedule? Well for now, you can take a look at mine.

7-60 Minutes
9-Code Black
10-Madam Secretary

Looking at the CBS relative ratings, Code Black has a nice female skew but is lacking with the male demographic. Airing on Sundays under the football halo could change that, and even without football it'll have a decently-sized lead-in with NCIS: LA.

8-The Big Bang Theory
8:30-Superior Donuts
9-Young Sheldon
9:30-Life in Pieces

CBS renewed Superior Donuts, and chance are they would like to get it to syndication. However, these current numbers probably won't get it there. It seems like the type of show that could do well behind The Big Bang Theory, and after all, this is the year of upgrading comedies to better time slots. Later in the night will be their single-cam hour; for now, Young Sheldon can air under the Big Bang halo but should be asked to stand on its own after that, while Life in Pieces would benefit from staying away from This is Us.

8-Kevin Can Wait
8:30-Man with a Plan
9-Young Sheldon
9:30-Life in Pieces

Kevin Can Wait and Man with a Plan really aren't doing all that bad, and both are the types of shows that will easily rise and fall with viewing levels. I expect a nice rebound from them in the fall, and CBS will have a nice family comedy block (skewing more towards the adult audience) on Mondays.

9-Navy Team

The N in NCIS stands for Naval. If Navy Team fails sandwiched between two NCIS shows. If this doesn't work before NCIS, I don't know what will.

10-Criminal Minds

SWAT looks like a show that could do well on CBS. Criminal Minds has been fighting lately to keep that 9pm time slot, but I think it would actually benefit in the later hour away from Law & Order: SVU. It also gives the new show a nice chance.

8-The Big Bang Theory
9-Superior Donuts

9JKL looks promising, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if it's stronger than Young Sheldon is. It seems like the perfect fit behind Big Bang, and Superior Donuts can still benefit from the Big Bang halo. Moving the established Mom to 9:30 could help out 10pm, which I have going to Bull. Plus, I think putting Mom at the end of the block won't mess with the flow of gender skew.

9-Hawaii 5-0
10-Blue Bloods

If it isn't broke, why fix it? I see a small chance that MacGyver gets a time slot upgrade, possibly to Sunday at 8, but it's doing fine where it is and helping out the rest of the night in the process.

8-Drama Reruns
10-48 Hours

Due to its syndication deal, Elementary is apparently a big money-maker for CBS. What it isn't is a big ratings-maker. Moving it to Saturday won't hurt the reason why it's still around, and will allow Sundays to strengthen in the process. If you sandwich it between reruns of perhaps NCIS and 48 Hours, it actually may not work out all that badly either.

What do you think? Leave you own below and let me know what you think of mine!

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