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The Ratings Junkie Thursday, May 18, 2017
The season isn't quite over yet, as there are still a couple shows left to air their finales. Despite this, there's a clear winner here and the results will not change all that much since one data point will only slightly change the final results. So as of today, here are the average ratings of the 18+ shows that we all "invested" in. Thanks everyone for playing!

1) theratingsjunkie: 1.36
2) Rebecca Bunch: 1.26
3) HV: 1.25
4) Full Boyle: 1.24
5) Boon: 1.213
6) JB: 1.209
7) charmedlp: 1.183
8) alvesmah: 1.181
9) 20Rider13: 1.17
10) raph: 1.13
11) Perrygogrr: 0.88

Our league average right now is a 1.19, compared to a 1.22 actual league average. Not bad, and best of luck to everyone participating in the next round!

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