Jess's Take: This Week in Megaflops

Welcome to a new installment of Jess's Take. Since Still Star-Crossed premiered in Quantico territory, I thought I would title this special post. 

Still Star-Crossed, A Megaflop of Epic Proportions
Very little promotion, summer scheduling, and Memorial Day premiere led to disaster, as the megaflop premiered to a 0.5 A18-49 rating, after a high rated Bachelorette. Now, I wonder why ABC premiered this trainwreck. 

Part of it has something to do with TVLine's Blind Item. A lot of speculation brought on the possibility that Still Star-Crossed was that pungent TV series that the networks tried to sell to a streaming service for pennies on the dollar. Knowing Shonda Rhimes, she would be the one to stop a sale from occurring. 

That 0.5 translates to a 41 Plus for the 10pm hour. Ouch! Arguably, that is Quantico-level bad. Only time will tell whether it goes lower or not. What ABC needs to do is to flush this down the toilet to oblivion and never look back. 

This concludes This Week in Megaflops. 

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