Upfronts 2017 Live Blog - The CW

Hey folks! It's Jessica here! It's the last day of network upfronts! I apologize for the delay, but we'll get the catch-up started.

Update #1: The presentation is in progress, but let me recap what has happened earlier today.
Update #2: From Deadline: "On an upfront call Thursday, CW president Mark Pedowitz said that new DC midseason drama Black Lightning is not part of the Arrow-verse and there are no plans for now to include the series in a five-way crossover."
Update #3: Speeches, yep. Speeches.
Update #4: Dynasty trailer apparently features a catfight scene. I'm in!
Update #5: Just as Supernatural hasn't gone full nuts, one of the episodes in season 13 is animated like Scooby-Doo. Say what?
Update #6: Life Sentence gets a quick pitch.
Update #7: Just like that, the presentation is over.
Update #8: I feel like I haven't even missed much. The trailer watch has commenced.
Update #9: Well, this is the shortest live blog I ever did. It's been real, folks! Stay tuned to the TV Ratings Guide for more news!

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