The 100 S4E12 Review

Skaikru has to choose who will survive this week, in preparation for the finale.

S4E12 "The Chosen"

Everything is chaotic at the start of the episode, with many people going to be left to die very soon. There are eighty spots for Arkadians who are not under 16 or essential personnel. Many of them are angry about this, of course, and Jaha makes matters worse for them when he tries to get them to fight against the grounders. Kane makes a difficult choice, to reduce the amount of air to cause everyone else to pass out, then use Clarke's list to select the survivors.

With a limited number of suits, Clarke, Bellamy, Murphy, and Emori head to get Raven. After they get attacked, Echo saves them, and demands a spot. When Emori's suit gets ripped, Clarke gives her hers, because she has nightblood. I like Clarke taking this risk for her. Radiation starts to affect Clarke, which means that nightblood won't save everyone, at least not in time. After meeting up with Monty and Harper, they get Raven, and tell her that they want to go back to the Ark.

This episode had the opportunity to be something amazing. Sadly, only the last few minutes really lived up to that. I'm very curious as to what happens in the season finale.

Score: 8.5/10

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