Jane the Virgin S3E19 Review

It's one week until the season finale, and this week involves wedding planning.

S3E19 "Chapter Sixty-Three"

Jane finds out about Rogelio and Xo's plans for a fairytale wedding, which Jane is not very excited about. Jane asks her to be her maid of honor, and Jane's reaction when she finds out she has to wear a tiara is funny. The scene where wedding planners (who "never agree") come over and say that Xo is too old for a fairytale wedding is hilarious. After they quit, Jane decides to plan the wedding.

Jane plans to break up with Fabian, but ends up waiting when she finds out that he can help her with the wedding. However, Rogelio accidentally tells Fabian that Jane planned to break up with him, and Fabian sabotages things, which is not the kind of thing I would expect out of Fabian. Jane goes to set, where Fabian calls Jane a slut. This leads to a fight between Rogelio and Fabian, though Jane comes close to stopping it.

The shenanigans on set lead to Rogelio having to work late, so instead of having the bachelor and bachelorette party, Jane and Xo hang out. Their relationship is showcased wonderfully here, and I really love it. At the end of the episode, Xo and Rafael ask Jane to officiate their wedding, which I am excited about.

Petra is unsure of what to do after finding out about Rafael's feelings for her. Rafael tries to get Jane to talk to Petra, and then Petra tries to get Jane's opinion. Jane doesn't want to give her opinion, but it's funny when she goes on and on to Alba about her opinion.

Petra tells Rafael that they shouldn't get back together, and Rafael gets mad at Jane about this. Rafael getting mad at Jane here makes no sense, it's very out of character for him. At the end, Jane encourages Rafael and Petra. We will see how it goes this time. I was not very on board with this story last week, but maybe it can result in something sweet.

It is revealed that the sketch from last week is of Rose in her disguise, so now Rafael is working with the police to track Luisa and her. Rafael calls and tells Luisa that he has cancer, in an attempt to get her to come back. At the end of the episode, Luisa and Rose return to Miami, and Rose is arrested and revealed for who she is.

The wedding planning was very entertaining, and there were some great laughs there. I also really like that significant progress is being made with the Rose story, and that there were many references to things from the beginning of the series. I have mixed feelings about the Rafael and Petra romance, but it was handled well this week.

Score: 10/10

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