Predict the Premiere Ratings of Beat Shazam and Love Connection

Thursday night on Fox, two new reality series will make their debuts. One is Beat Shazam, a music game show hosted by actor Jamie Foxx, with reality giant Mark Burnett executive producing. The other is Love Connection, a reboot of the original 1980s/90s series hosted by Andy Cohen.

Beat Shazam, 8 PM on Fox
The first of the two reality premieres is Beat Shazam, which has received a strong promotional push and is the anchor of the double-newbie-reality night. Will it be a smash hit or will it be "beat" by everything else airing on Thursday night?

Love Connection, 9 PM on Fox
The second of the premieres is Love Connection. Love Connection's success relies heavily on Beat Shazam. If Beat Shazam fails, it's very likely that the less-promoted Love Connection will suffer the same fate. Will Love Connection make a connection with viewers or will they dump it before the first date even begins?

Do you think these shows will succeed or will they join a long list of Fox reality flops not-named-American-Idol?

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