Rebecca's CBS Fall Schedule Prediction

CBS's fall schedule will be announced soon, and I have my thoughts on what CBS will do. Note that these are my predictions and not necessarily what I hope they'll do.

Monday (early fall):
8:00- The Big Bang Theory
8:30- Young Sheldon
9:00- Life in Pieces
9:30- Superior Donuts
10:00- Scorpion
I'm going to be honest here: I had no idea what to do with the Monday schedule for early fall. I knew that I wanted Young Sheldon to get the Big Bang lead-in, but after that things get messy. I have no idea what the 9 PM hour should be. I'm guessing that Life in Pieces will move to Mondays to air with   fellow single-cam Young Sheldon, so I'll slot LIP post-Sheldon. I don't know what to do after that, but I'm just guessing that Superior Donuts will go there. Scorpion will likely return to 10.

Monday (late fall):
8:00- Kevin Can Wait
8:30- Man With a Plan
9:00-Young Sheldon
9:30- Life in Pieces
10:00- Scorpion
This was a lot easier to make than the early fall version. Kevin and Man With a Plan are doing fine and should return to the 8PM hour. After getting a boost from The Big Bang Theory for awhile, Young Sheldon should get to lead a single-cam hour with Life in Pieces that I discussed earlier.

8:00- NCIS
9:00- SEAL Team
10:00- NCIS: New Orleans
Bull has done well this season, but not amazing. I think it should be moved to give another show the NCIS lead-in. I think the most compatible and the series most likely to get the slot is SEAL Team. NCIS: NOLA should stay at 10.

8:00- Survivor
9:00- Criminal Minds
10:00- SWAT
While I personally would prefer for Criminal Minds to move to 10, I think CBS will leave it there to lead into a new series. That new series should absolutely be SWAT. It stars former Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore, so the Criminal Minds audience will likely embrace the series. They're likely very compatible in tone as well. Survivor should remain as the night's lead-off.

Thursday (post-football):
8:00- The Big Bang Theory
8:30- 9JKL
9:00- Mom
9:30- Superior Donuts
10:00- Code Black
The Big Bang Theory continues to be the #1 show on CBS, so it will obviously lead off the night. It should lead into a new series, which I believe will be 9JKL. I think 9JKL has enormous potential and can do very well. Mom should remain at 9, because it's doing very well there. Superior Donuts is in dire need of help, and as an owned series, CBS should do whatever it takes to try and save it. The 10 slot is a huge disaster. Nothing does very well there, and even the Amazing Race has struggled a bit. Instead of banishing a new show to the slot, they should move a veteran (or at least a sophomore) to that slot. As I've already put new shows in their slots, Code Black and Bull are the only shows that fit this. Bull is doing to well to move there. While Code Black does fine, it's not a hit and could be used to fill this undesirable slot.

8:00- MacGyver
9:00- Hawaii Five-0
10:00- Blue Bloods
The CBS Friday lineup has done well this year, and though MacGyver doesn't do as well as it seemed it could early in its run, it's helped Hawaii Five-0, so this lineup should remain.

8:00- Elementary
9:00- Crimetime Saturday
10:00- 48 Hours
Elementary is doing terrible. It only got renewed because of how much money CBS makes because of it, and the ratings don't really matter. So why not move it to Saturday? It can make CBS money in a low-priority slot.

7:00- 60 Minutes
8:00- NCIS: Los Angeles
9:00- Bull
10:00- Madam Secretary
NCIS: Los Angeles made the move to Sundays seamlessly, and it's even year to year. It should stay in that 8 PM slot. Madam Secretary, however, has not done very well. It should move to the 10 PM slot to rack up episodes for syndication. Bull is a show that I think could fit in very well at 9. It would still air behind an NCIS show, albeit a weaker one. It could probably do very well and should easily improve the slot over Madam Secretary.

What do you think about my predictions? What would you do if you were CBS? What do you think CBS will do? Let me know in the comments below.

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