Fresh Off the Boat S3E21 Review

This week, Evan and Jessica debate, while Emery and Eddie work on a comic book.

S3E21 "Pie vs. Cake"

The episode begins with a funny scene where Jessica has a victory, as she makes a return. Evan discovers debate club at his school, which Jessica supports. However, Evan ends up winning a debate against Jessica about which desert they should get. Later, Jessica tries to return something, and she is unable to, but Evan is able to get the person to make the return. Jessica is upset by this, believing that Evan doesn't need her anymore. However, when Evan isn't allowed onto the debate team, Jessica goes down to the school and gives a great argument as to why he should be allowed.

Emery is working on a comic book for a contest, and when Eddie finds out how much money can be made, he decides that he wants to work with Emery. They have completely different ideas for the comic book, but after Eddie discovers how hard it is to come up with something on his own, they work together again, and they discover that Jessica and Evan should be the subject of their comic book.

Evan and Jessica had a good amount of funny moments, and while Eddie and Emery weren't as funny, the scene where Eddie showed his character to Grandma Huang was a good one.

Score: 8/10

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