Jane the Virgin Season 3 Finale Review

A wedding is coming our way in the season finale of Jane the Virgin.

S3E20 "Chapter Sixty-Four"

Jane gets ordained, so she can marry Xo and Rogelio. Xo puts pressure on Jane, wanting her to say something very personal at the wedding. She goes to see the priest, who helps her with this, and also reveals that Michael did follow through with the writing assignment he gave the two of them before their wedding.

A big twist comes when Darci shows up, and reveals to Jane that she is pregnant, and Rogelio is the father. He quickly goes to Xo when he finds out, who of course struggles with this. They call of the wedding, but after a comment from Darci, Xo realizes she does still want to get married, and all they need is their family.

Jane attempts to get to the wedding at the Marbella, which proves to be challenging during the hurricane. After a tree falls on Rafael's car, the two of them take the bus. It is a wonderfully sweet moment when Jane sees her book title listed on a poster in the bus, and funny when Rafael asks the driver to get closer to the Marbella.

Alba talks to Xo before the wedding, and it's a great scene, where Alba yells so Xo won't cry and ruin her makeup. Jane uses what she learned from seeing her name on the bus, and shares that Xo and Rogelio were not meant to be, but they chose each other despite every twist that came their way. This theme of commitment is touching and deep.

Petra breaks up with Rafael because she thinks he has feelings for Jane. The potential Jane and Rafael relationship is thrown out there then again, and I really think it's unnecessary at this point. The letter from Michael is found, and it's really sweet. At the end of the episode, Jane runs into her first love, which is an interesting way to end the episode, but doesn't really feel like a season-ender.

Luisa discovers that Rafael's cancer didn't actually come back, and when she confronts him about this, he lashes out at her for her relationship with Rose. Luisa ends up getting into a cab with Anezka, which causes some problems. Anezka finds out the truth about what happened the night that Scott died, and Luisa takes over the Marbella.

The twists involving the sisters was great, and the fact that Rogelio is going to be a father should be interesting. The wedding was great as well. The episode's only real problem was the love triangle with Rafael.

Score: 9.5/10

I will not be continuing to review Jane the Virgin in season 4, because I am cutting down on the shows I will review. However, I will continue to watch the show, so you can always discuss it with me in the comments.

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