The 100 Season 4 Finale Review

The death wave arrives in the season finale of The 100.

S4E13 "Praimfaya"

Raven reveals the big challenge facing the group heading into space: oxygen. The group prepares to go into space, but when the communication system is damaged beyond repair, Raven says they can't go anywhere. Raven reveals that the issue with this is that she won't have Becca's help.

To turn the power on the Ark on, the group has to venture outside of the building, and Clarke discovers that she will have to climb the radio tower.  This means she won't make it back in time. Bellamy struggles at first when Clarke isn't back in time, but realizes they have to go, and that it's what Clarke would have wanted. This moment before they launch is a great one, with great emotion from Bellamy, even though he is containing it. Great job, Bob Morley!

In space, Raven waits for Clarke to get the power on, and the scene uses horrible CGI. Clarke succeeds at the last moment. When she climbs down from the tower, she breaks the glass on her helmet. She rushes with intensity into the building, but she has already been exposed to a lot of radiation. Members of the group in space start ruining low on oxygen, creating for a very intense scene. They are able to turn the oxygen on, so they survive, just barely.

Octavia is unsure of her new leadership role. She talks to Bellamy about it, before their connection cuts out. It's sad that these siblings have to be separated yet again. This is all that we get of the bunker, and I find that to be pretty ridiculous. I get that there is a lot of story to tell, but neglecting half of the show's important characters by only showing two from the group in the first act, and the rest not at all is not the solution.

A flash forward six years in the future reveals that Clarke has survived. She attempts to contact Bellamy, and through this she reveals a lot, including that she does this every day, it's been safe to come down for a year, and she has lost contact with the bunker. Clarke has a young nightblood with her, and a ship comes down to the ground, but it turns out not to be the group from the Ark, but something dangerous.

The episode's only flaw is neglecting the bunker, which is not a small issue, but I will go easy on the show for it because I can understand why they did it. The final minutes give us a lot of questions for season five to answer. To me, the most important question is how did Clarke survive?

Score: 9.5/10

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