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Welcome to the Upfronts 2017 Live Blog! I'm Jessica, and it's Day 2 of Upfront Week! Today, we'll focus on ABC's upfront presentation which will take place today at 4pm. Refresh this page for more updates.

Update #1: I'd like to start this update with my thoughts on the schedule. Wow! This is on par with FOX. Fridays are really bad, it's not even funny. Inhumans on Friday really sounds like this show is going to be added on to the contenders of TVLine's Blind Item, joining 10 Days in the Valley and Still Star-Crossed. Isn't it ironic that they are all ABC shows? Anyways, the rest of the schedule is really solid! Shark Tank is finally moving to Sundays again, and it's paired with To Tell the Truth, which is defacto renewed for a third season on the schedule. Tuesdays are back to the old Tuesday 10pm death slot. I wouldn't be surprised if this show would be replaced by possibly new episodes of Match Game. Other than that, I think this schedule is somewhat proficient, but the underlying factors would mean that the slots would need some work come next season, but how much is yet to be seen. I'll update this blog with more thoughts during the day.
Update #2: Agents of SHIELD will take over the Friday 9pm timeslot once Inhumans concludes its 8 episode order.
Update #3: Channing has ticked off a ton of people with the cancelation of Last Man Standing. With an hour and a half to go, it would be interesting to see what would happen at the presentation.
Update #4: We have about thirty minutes until the ABC upfront presentation. Here are some tweets to get ready!
We're getting excited too, but a little apprehensive.
Update #5: Channing: "We're still looking at all the different pieces for midseason and trying to work out where everything's going to fall. There's a lot of things up in the air still, so I'm not quite ready to announce specific dates and times for Idol." Mess, Channing. Mess! 
Update #6: Two more minutes, and we will bring you coverage! Stay tuned to the TV Ratings Guide for more updates! 
Update #7: Here we go! 
Update #8: Trailers were released.
Update #9: Good grief! Dr. Ken is getting some love!

Update #10: Mixed reviews for upfronts so far.
Update #11:
Update #12: GIF city, coming up!
Update #13: The Bachelor is getting some serious shade via a Chris Harrison blurb.
Update #14:
Update #15: Hmmm...
Update #16: Big news!
Update #17: And some PR Jedi!
Update #18: I feel ya, Crupi! I feel ya!
Update #19: Roseanne's cast is on stage. Total silence!
Update #20:
Update #21:
Of course Shonda would say nice things about Channing.
Update #22: A Grey's Anatomy spinoff is in the works in 2018.
Update #23: This spinoff was ordered straight to series and is a direct copy of Chicago Fire. Dang!
Update #24: Dick Wolf would not be pleased. I repeat, Dick Wolf would not be pleased!
Update #25: Scandal - Season 7 will be promoted as Scandal: The Final Season.
Update #26: Also this.
Secret orders!
Update #27:
Update #28:
Update #29: That's your opinion!
I sure would be hyped for The Backstreet Boys.
Update #30: A short video.
Update #31: This closes out Upfronts, Day 2! Stay tuned to the TV Ratings Guide for more updates, and check back tomorrow for Day 3 of Upfronts, as we bring you Turner and CBS!

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