Upfronts 2017 Live Blog - CBS

Welcome to today's live blog! We are on to CBS today, and the shade is real!

Update #1: Les Moonves claims that CBS is "Must-See TV"! Well, in total viewers. Shade incoming!
Update #2: Les Moonves is extremely confident after a poorly made schedule.
Update #3: At least we got some key arts.
Young Sheldon

Wait, here's more!
Dang, doesn't Shemar look manly?

Okay, no title necessary. He's stuck in the middle here. 
Two more to go!
Wisdom of the Crowd
Prominent female character looks like Lisa Rinna! 
Me, Myself, and I
And we are done with key arts, folks!
Update #4: Good grief! 
Update #5: Arrested Development is coming back officially! Whoa!
Update #6: SEAL Team's poster key art looks like a Military Chippendales Starter Kit.
Update #7: From Deadline - "'2 Broke Girls was a really good show for us for a very long time,' CBS head of scheduling Kelly Kahl told Deadline. 'Our comedy development this year was very good and whenever your comedy development is really good, it puts a lot of pressure on some of your older shows. We felt creatively it was time and we had to create some space on the schedule to get some new product on.'" Is CBS high?
Update #8: We're back, after a long break! CBS upfronts are this afternoon, and we have more coverage coming up! 
Update #9: Training Day and Ransom were canceled. No surprise. My guess is that the Saturday option did not go as well as planned. 
Update #10: I'm going to announce something tonight after this upfront. It is bound to be major. 
Update #11: Until then, make sure to join us at 4pm for the CBS Upfront presentation! 
Update #12: CBS's upfront presentation is in about a half an hour. Stay tuned! 
Update #13: 16 minutes in, we've learned nothing about Star Trek. There is a joke about Tom Selleck's facial hair. 
Update #14: Stephen Colbert is going on an anti-Trump tirade in his monologue. Wow. 
Update #15: Wow, Moonves! Bitter much?
Somebody call the advertisers!
Update #16: Queen of shade, queen of shade!
Update #17: And a quick shoutout goes to Pop Culture Cosmos for keeping up with our upfronts coverage!
Update #18:
Update #19: Okay folks, I didn't want to waste any moment for upfronts, but I must. This news will be shared on Off Topic in more detail. That is: I am one year away from getting my college degree! That's right! I am so excited to be finally sharing this news.
Update #20: Star Trek: Discovery's episode count is up to 15 episodes.
Update #21: Well, I managed to spill my news on to the Off Topic threads. Haha
Update #22:
Update #23:
Update #24: Also, some surprisingly positive tracking for Wisdom of the Crowd. The critics are currently viewing trailers for the new fall shows as we speak.
Update #25:
Update #26: The trailers have been released!
Update #27: The critics hated SEAL Team, but loved SWAT.
Update #28: That does it for upfronts! See you tomorrow morning for the CW!

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