Shots Fired Finale Review

The conclusion to the first and only season of this series comes this week, with the tenth episode.

S1E10 "Hour 10: Last Dance"

The episode picks up right after Breeland getting shot. A large number of officers go to the houses, where they use excessive force. Without Breeland, it will be harder for Preston to win his case. His argument to the jury is compelling, regardless, and it works, with it leading to Beck's arrest. However, in the other case he is unable to convince the jury.

Preston is told it's time to be done in this town, but he isn't ready to be done. He goes to Breeland's storage unit, where he finds a recording. The scene becomes intense when Sheriff Platt arrives, but Ashe saves things when she arrives with a search warrant. Everything doesn't end up all wrapped up perfectly, but the final moments show progress being made in many ways, which is a fitting way to end the episode.

This episode succeeded where most episodes of Shots Fired failed, moving the story along enough in the hour, and in an interesting way. However, it was not without its issues. It was unbalanced in regards to Preston and Ashe. He drove almost all of the action this week. Also, the scenes having to do with the relationship between the two of them felt odd and, like the relationship, unnecessary.

Score: 8.5/10

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