Great News S1E7-8 Review

This week's episodes each deal with celebrities' phones getting hacked.

S1E7 "The Red Door"

Katie discovers that Carol is extreme couponing, which leads to a hilarious confrontation. I loved the mention of her hoarder shed. Portia's phone is hacked, and Katie tells everyone to respect her privacy, but then Katie and Greg wonder about what Portia said about them. They discover that she thinks they are sleeping together. When they confront the co-workers about this, there is a hilarious moment when Beth claims that Greg told her he doesn't have genitals. At the end of the episode, Carol suggests that Katie cared about this because she has feelings for Greg, which could be an interesting future step for the series.

Portia goes to Chuck's house to wait for a package, and she tries to resist a red door that Chuck told her not to open, which is funny (though very reminiscent of an episode of The IT Crowd). She opens the door, and discovers a wax figure of Chuck. Chuck tells her to throw it away, but she doesn't feel like she can, so she leaves it on the roof. People see it on the roof, which causes them to say things to him to get him to come down, which Chuck hears. It's hilarious when Katie knocks the figure down, and at the end of the episode when she mistakes Chuck for the figure.

S1E8 "Celebrity Hacking Scandal"

Carol pitches an idea for a story, about a popular app, which Portia supports, but Chuck doesn't. Greg asks Katie to produce it, but she is convinced that she has a big story. This causes her to leave Carol to do a lot of work on the story. Meanwhile, Portia aims to teach Chuck about how the way he is speaking to her.  Carol gets Chuck to start playing Biscuit Bliss, which is entertaining, though very similar to Brooklyn Nine-Nine when Gina got Holt playing Kwazy Cupcakes.

The story ends up being terrible, which causes Greg to get mad at Katie for bailing on it, but then she finds out an embarrassing moment from his past. Katie and Greg end up going to the source after they discover that he may actually know something, and he suggests that the hackings are caused by an app. At the end of the episode it is realized that Biscuit Bliss is the app.

There were many funny moments all throughout the first episode of the hour. I found myself laughing a lot more often than I have in the past at this show. The second episode was just okay story-wise, though there were still some good jokes (in particular, about the 37 Senators who died on a party bus).

Score: 10/10 (episode 7)

Score: 7/10 (episode 8)

What did you think of "The Red Door" and "Celebrity Hacking Scandal"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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