5 People Who Would Make A Great Suspect On Trial & Error


As you probably know, Trial & Error has been renewed for a second season. Given that each season focuses on a different case, John Lithgow as Larry will not be returning to the show. While we don't know anything about who will play the suspect in Season 2, we can always speculate. Here are six people who I think might make for a good suspect, in no particular order.

1) Jeffrey Tambor

Tambor may be busy with Transparent, but if the producers are looking for someone who has similar qualities to John Lithgow, he might be the way to go. It would also be a way to bring a recognizable name to network television, and his long list of credits means he could also appeal to a fanbase outside of Transparent viewers.

2) Lin-Maunel Miranda

This would probably be the biggest get for Trial & Error. Miranda became an overnight sensation by playing the titular character in the blockbuster Broadway musical Hamilton, and has already crossed over into pop culture with gigs such as hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live. Apparently he's also a big fan of the show, so he would be able to fit in naturally. It would certainly allow for the second season premiere to be sampled more so than that first season finale.

3) Ian Lithgow

Let's face it: Trial & Error isn't exactly the highest-rated show, and as such it may not be able to bring in a super-recognizable face. But if John Lithgow liked doing the show, maybe his son will follow suit.

4) T.J. Miller

T.J. Miller shocked the media by deciding not to return to HBO's critically acclaimed (is that redundant?) sitcom Silicon Valley. He doesn't seem to have anything else lined up, so maybe he would be available for Trial & Error. We're talking about a guy who has "blood" all over himself in his Twitter profile picture.

5) Vanessa Bayer

Similar to Miller, Vanessa Bayer announced that she was ending her long-running stint at Saturday Night Live right before the finale aired. While she might be trying to get into movies, she doesn't have a high-profile gig lined up that we know of like fellow ex-cast mate Bobby Moynihan. Her ability to play quirky characters on the show would make for a great suspect on Trial & Error, where you genuinely can't tell if the suspect committed the crime or not.

What do you think of these picks? Who do you think will play the suspect in the second season of Trial & Error? Let us know in the comments below!

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