Shots Fired S1E9 Review

Preston and Ashe don't have much time left, in the penultimate episode of Shots Fired.

S1E9 "Hour Nine: Come to Jesus"

After the video footage of when Jesse was shot is released, Officer Beck tells Preston and Ashe something important: that the volunteers who went on the tours didn't have the proper training, and carried their own firearms.

Ashe ends up successfully getting Sheriff Platt to confess to killing Joey. He shifts the blame to Breeland, saying that his intimidation kept him silent thus far, and that he framed Janae. This leads to Preston and Ashe getting to stay on the case.

Two other big things happen this week. Ashe doesn't get custody of her daughter, and is only allowed supervised visits. And, at the end of the episode, Platt gets shot, which provides the perfect twist for next week's season finale.

This was an enjoyable episode. It wasn't as slow-paced as some of the other episodes, and it provided some great moments with the case.

Score: 7.5/10

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