Bull Season 1 Finale Review

The season finale's case takes the team to Miami, where J.P. defends a single mother.

S1E23 "Benevolent Deception"

J.P. is hired to represent a woman who was found with heroin hidden at her house. Bull is opposed to this case, because it is likely being funded by drug money, but J.P. insists that  they do this case because of the woman they will be helping. The jurors don't want to be there because they are scared, so the court decides to use an anonymous jury, which presents a unique challenge to Bull. How does he analyze a jury he knows nothing about?

Bull will have to rely heavily on the juror's voices and answers to their questions. Bull is still against the client's brother, and after he confronts the client, J.P. gets angry. telling Bull that this should be their last case working together. The team discovers that the 911 call came from the son. Bull tells the client this, and reasons that he was trying to protect his mother, because he saw his uncle bring the drugs the house.

Going behind J.P's back, the team meets, and they decide that Benny and Bull will work with the mother to cooperate with the government. The prosecution and judge works with them in court, to keep this a secret. This way of going about things is interesting, though it is annoying that in a show about a jury consultant, the decision came down to the judge. Bull helps J.P. get out of the way of the responsibility when the brother ends up getting arrested.

This was an interesting case, though the anonymous jury obstacle turned out to be no obstacle at all, which made it pointless, and annoying considering that this show is supposed to deal heavily with the jury.

Score: 7.5/10

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