Speechless Season 1 Finale Review

The wonderful first season of Speechless is coming to an end, as summer begins and J.J. prepares to go to camp.

S1E23 "C-A-CAMP"

J.J. is preparing to go to camp, and he realizes that ten weeks will be a long time to be away from his family. So, he tries to cause a fight before he goes. Maya ends up upset at the airport, but after talking with Kenneth, they decide to get on a flight to catch up with the family. After arriving in Maine, Maya ends up having to take a helicopter to get to the camp, which is very entertaining.

Ray realizes that it isn't his looks, but who he is that is pushing girls away. So, he tries to reinvent his personality. His first attempt is yo-yoing, which is highly unsuccessful, and funny. He then tries being mysterious, which is also very funny, but more successful. It doesn't work when he meets a girl at the camp, but his actual personality does, as she appreciates that he is sweet. I really liked this ending.

Jimmy and Dylan prepare for a fun time during a layover in Miami. However, the place that they came for ends up being closed. Jimmy's little speech here about making things fun is really touching, and then it is really sweet when the two have fun in Miami. The family, minus Maya, arrives at the camp, and the people there's reactions to Maya's insanity over the phone is great.

All the stories of this episode were great. It was a great way for the DiMeos to head into summer.

Score: 10/10

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