Upfronts 2017 Live Blog - NBCUniversal and FOX

Welcome to the first day of upfronts! I'm Jessica, and we'll get right to the festivities! Today, NBC and FOX will have their upfront presentations!

Update #1: NBCUniversal is at 10:30, FOX is at 4:00 PM.
Update #2: 2 New Dramas, 1 New Comedy on the FOX Schedule! Place your bets!
Update #3: 7 shows are moving timeslots. Gotham is moving to Thursdays.
Update #4: Due to Corey Hawkins's schedule, there is still no decision on 24: Legacy.
Update #5: The schedule is out! http://deadline.com/2017/05/fox-schedule-primetime-fall-2017-2018-the-gifted-empire-the-exorcist-1202093477/
Update #6: This is actually somewhat decent. But I think they paired Star with Empire way too late. More on my thoughts later.
Update #7: Here is the art for The Resident.
Another FOX medical drama added! Let's hope it doesn't flop like The Mob Doctor. 
Update #8: With Scream Queens now defacto canceled, it's been added to the list of decisions made. 
Update #9: Promo picture for The Gifted. 
And here is the promo picture for The Orville. 
Update #10: More promo pictures are being released. Here is LA to Vegas. 
Update #11: Where is Ghosted?
Update #12: We got an hour left until NBC's presentation. Stay tuned for more updates! 
Update #13: Ryan Murphy is claiming that Scream Queens is finished telling its story. One Tweeter commented: 

This is going to be interesting.
Update #14: It is time for the NBCUniversal upfront presentation.
Update #15: Slay, honey!

Anybody else getting Dreamgirls references?
Update #16: Okay this is interesting.

I think I should cry now.
Update #17: People in the audience are now watching trailers. The AP Bio trailer was not well received.

Update #18:

Well, mixed reviews for both comedies.
Update #19:

Update #20: Taking a break from NBC's upfronts, here are the key arts!
The Gifted

And now, here is The Orville.
The Orville

Let's get back to the action!
Update #21: Apparently, an interview with the cast of This is Us is going on currently. 
Keeping up with Twitter is hard work. LOL
Update #22: Scream Queens is now trending on Twitter. For a show that hit a 0.5 in A18-49, this is very vocal. As vocal as 2 Broke Girls, but to the extreme.
Update #23: Don't tell me this is a parody!

Update #24: On Twitter right now...and politics gets infiltrated in.
Update #25: Earlier today, FOX executives were livid. http://ew.com/tv/2017/05/15/fox-american-idol-return/
Update #26: This was on the Deadline live blog. This is interesting, so I thought I would share it.
"Bill Pullman and Jessica Biel introduced to advertisers their USA Network crime thriller anthology, The Sinner. In a refreshing moment, Pullman went rogue after stumbling over the pitch script for USA’s new drama Damnation:
“Damn it! It’s Damnation!” he blurted. “It’s a damn epic saga about the secret history of 1930’s American war between the haves and the have-nots!”  Audience seemed to appreciate the break in the canned commentary."
Update #27:
Update #28: Chris Daughtry has joined Idol's judging panel. I don't know how or what to believe.
Update #29: Rise was universally praised by the audience. Another critical darling in the mix!
Update #30: Now CW has gotten in on the action with some key arts. Here's Valor:
I'm definitely seeing things. 
Update #31: Here is an article on AdAge about NBC Upfronts. http://adage.com/article/print-edition/nbc-s-biggest-show-airs/309022/
Update #32:

Update #33: With Scream Queens now officially canceled, now what?
Update #34: Black Lightning's key art is out.
Can anyone speculate that these may be the fall shows? Or will there be more coming? Stay tuned to the TV Ratings Guide for more news!
Update #35: Wait! Searchers is alive!
Don't panic, folks! 
Update #36: Looks like if Searchers was dead, then there wouldn't be a poster. 
Update #37: The Odd Couple is now officially canceled. 
Update #38: A tweet plus an embedded article about Upfronts. 
Update #39: Since we got an hour until the FOX Upfront Presentation, I'm thinking we should start a Spotify playlist to occupy our time.
Update #40: It's now about 30 minutes until the upfront presentation from FOX.
Update #41: FOX Upfronts have started! Refresh for updates!
Update #42:

Update #43: Bob's Burgers is getting some love! And just like on Twitter, the trends on Twitter have #RenewRosewood in the hashtag. It sounds like Rosewood has a vocal online fanbase.
Update #44: David Letterman makes a cryptic appearance.
And just like that, more #RenewRosewood tweets.
Update #45: Oh, Joe Marchese. The PR Jedi strikes again.

And sports is leading off the upfront presentation.
Update #46: FOX, the laughingstock of upfronts. It is not going very well.

Update #47: Lesley is shook.

Update #48: Seth MacFarlane, the king of FOX, takes the stage.

Update #49: Hey, Charlamagne! We got more contenders for Donkey of the Day at The Breakfast Club!

Update #50: TVRG's Turkeys of the Year, Gary Newman and Dana Walden, give shoutouts to potentially canceled shows.

Update #51: The cringe factor is real.

Promotion for Beat Shazam, I guess.
Update #52:

Update #53: Those pesky Rosewood fans are trending #FOXUpfronts to #RenewRosewood.
Update #54: Now, the trailers are being watched. Some positive tracking for The Orville.
Update #55: Positive tracking for LA to Vegas.
Update #56: Since both upfront presentations are over, it is time to end this live blog. Tomorrow, it's ABC! Thank goodness it is over!

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