Dancing With the Stars Season 24 Finale Review

It's hard to believe that it's already the finale of Dancing With the Stars. I remember my anticipation that the season would be starting like it was just yesterday. We've seen a lot of dances, a lot of spray tans, and a lot of sequins. Let's get to my final review of Dancing With the Stars (well, for this season, I'll be back for season 25 in fall).

Night 1:

Rashad Jennings & Emma
These dances tonight were really excellent. Rashad was so great. His first dance was beautiful and he was very graceful. His second dance was so much fun to watch and it was just amazing. If I was basing my opinion solely on these final performances, this is Rashad's Mirror Ball to lose.
My Score (Viennese Waltz): 10
My Score (Freestyle): 10

Normani Kordei & Val
I was pretty disappointed by Normani's dances tonight. Her quickstep was good, but it wasn't as top-notch as I've come to expect from her. There wasn't really anything major wrong with it, but it wasn't as good as I'd hoped. Her freestyle was also disappointing. It just didn't really feel like a freestyle, and it wasn't really anything special. My Score (Quickstep): 9
My Score (Freestyle): 9

David Ross & Lindsay
David was really good tonight. While his Viennese Waltz was my least favorite dance of the night, his freestyle was so fun to watch and was really good. It wasn't an all-time-great freestyle, but it was certainly great to watch. My Score (Viennese Waltz): 8
My Score (Freestyle): 10


Dance of the Night: Rashad's Freestyle
Worst of the Night: David's Viennese Waltz

My Rankings for the Week:
1- Rashad's Freestyle
2- Rashad's Viennese Waltz
3- David's Freestyle
4- Normani's Quickstep
5-Normani's Freestyle
6- David's Viennese Waltz

This was a great finale. It was short, so it allowed for an episode filled with dancing and fun. I'm very excited to see who wins. I think it's really close, but I'm going with Normani.
Episode Score: 9.5/10
Episode Grade: A

Night 2:

Rashad Jennings & Emma- Cha-Cha/Tango
Rashad has just been a freaking absolute joy to watch this season. I mean, he's been really amazing. I always have a lot of fun watching his dances, you can just tell that he's always trying his best and he puts his heart and soul in each dance. This fusion was no difference.
My Score: 10

Normani Kordei & Val- Argentine Tango/Foxtrot
Norman really has improved since week one. In week one, I said "she can really be great". Well, that came true for sure. She's been consistently great, and I've always enjoyed watching her. This was another great dance.
My Score: 10

David Ross & Lindsay- Foxtrot/Salsa
David really has improved immensely from week 1. He's really so fun to watch and looks like he's having so much fun dancing. I agree with what Carrie Ann said. It just makes me happy to watch him dance, even if he isn't the best. Go, Cub, Go!
My Score: 9

My Rankings for the Night:
1- Rashad
2- Normani
3- David

Season Wrap-Up
This was a great season, though I did get fed up with some of the eliminations. I was shocked that Normani came in third, but other than that I was very pleased with Rashad winning. The finale episode was very good, even though it was a bit long. I loved the callbacks with the eliminated competitors coming back. Mr. T's rap was very funny and I loved it.
Episode Score: 9.5/10

Episode Grade: A

That's a wrap on season two of my Dancing With the Stars reviews! I'll be back in fall for the next season, and I'm counting the days until then.
What did you think about the winner of the season? I'm very happy with Rashad's victory, since I've really enjoyed him each week.

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