Fresh Off the Boat Season 3 Finale Review

The second part of the Fresh Off the Boat season finale sees the Huangs get adjusted to their new situation.

S3E23 "This Isn't Us"

The Huangs move into their new house, but Jessica insists that they limit their expenses in this house as much as possible, because they can barely afford it. For once, Jessica's way of doing things feels necessary. She's not saying that they do this to save money, she's saying that they need to do it. She's being the realistic one this week. However, it turns out I was wrong when Jessica reveals that they are not house poor, which doesn't seem realistic to me. Meanwhile, Emery is concerned that the blazers for Evan's school may have been made by child laborers.

Jessica explains that she isn't comfortable being comfortable, which is an interesting thing for her to share. It makes total sense with her character. Due to Emery and Evan confronting the school about the blazers, Evan's admission is revoked. They reveal this to Jessica, who then decides that they should move back into their old house. It is hilarious when Jessica is able to return the house. On the car ride back, Eddie is sad about how his friends aren't his friends anymore, and Grandma Huang has a hilarious response to this. When they get back, they discover another family has rented their house, and they are now homeless, Jessica's biggest fear.

Not every part of this episode was great, but the last few minutes certainly were. Also, it was all very true to character.

Score: 8.5/10

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