The Middle Season 8 Finale Review

Axl is now a college graduate in the season finale of The Middle.

S8E23 "Fight or Flight"

The episode starts right after a graduation party for Axl. Frankie quickly goes from being proud of him to wanting him out of the house. Axl tells Frankie and Mike that he plans to go to Europe for the summer. Mike is very opposed to this, but Frankie supports it. Axl and Mike end up in a fight, the dialogue for which is very well-written. Axl ends up discouraged, but Frankie helps him prepare to leave. Frankie runs into Mike, who explains why he really wanted Axl to stay. It's a really touching moment. The Hecks try to rush to the airport, but the Winnebago is in the way and dead.

Sue ends up dinging another car, though the scratch is barely visible. She freaks out, which is very Sue and very entertaining. She ends up leaving more and more notes, which is funny. Sue ends up meeting the owner of the car, and it's nice to see someone appreciate Sue for her niceness. It's also clever how he ends up being the solution for a problem in the main story. Also, throughout the episode, Brick turns to his old chair as a solution for back pain, which is a great callback, and creates for hilarious moments as he brings the chair everywhere.

This was a wonderful season finale, with many funny moments, as well as some heart. The stories also tied together very well.

Score: 10/10

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