Shots Fired S1E7 Review

Preston and Ashe are attempting to find the truth before a new team of investigators arrive.

S1E7 "Hour 7: Content of Their Character"

The opening scene of the episode shows the governor pardoning someone being arrested for vandalizing. Something interesting here is that the spray painted message is directed at her. However, this week she also has to defend her control of the riots last week to her daughter, who disagrees with what she did. But, she is able to make her daughter understand.

In order to find out more about Joey's murder, Preston borrows a large amount of money from his brother, which he gives to a journalist to use to bribe a witness. However, the information isn't able to reach Preston, as she ends up in a collision. Preston and Ashe go to talk to the witness, and they discover that her house is bugged.

Preston is really being bold this week, and is determined to find the answers. He promises to a crowd that he will figure out who killed Joey. They find a video showing the events when Jesse was killed, which strongly indicates that Beck was in the wrong. The episode ends with Janae getting arrested for the murder of Joey.

The case is heating up this week more than it has in the past, and I really enjoyed that. Still, I would like more, but this was good.

Score: 7.5/10

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