Mom S3E19 Review

Christy isn't feeling well this week, but she can't let that stop her!

S3E19 "A Catheter and a Dipsy-Doodle"

At the start of the episode, Bonnie gets angry when Adam looks at a text that she assumes is from a girl. This is hilarious because he tries to get her to look him in the eye and say she hides no secrets from him.

Christy tries to study, but she isn't feeling well. She goes to work, and we see Chef Rudy for the first time this entire season. He sends her home after she sneezes on some food. Adam explains to Bonnie that the text was about a reunion he didn't want to go to, and she convinces him to go. Christy comes home, and she falls over. There is a hilarious moment where Adam can't find his phone because Bonnie took it.

Christy wakes up, and there is a hilarious joke about how she knows she isn't in heaven because Bonnie is there. It's also hilarious when Bonnie easily keeps her there. Adam says "love you" to Bonnie, and Christy hilariously remarks to "give him time". Christy is eventually able to escape, but she passes out after she finishes her final.

Adam returns, and tells Bonnie about his trip. He was given an opportunity to be the stunt director for a movie. The job will last 5-6 months and be in Croatia. Bonnie tells him she's fine with this, but when she goes upstairs she starts crying. Christy hilariously asks what Bonnie did.

This wasn't the strongest episode, as Act 1 wasn't as fun as it could have been, but it was still a great episode.

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