iZombie Season 2 Finale Review

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The people behind iZombie planned for a 22-episode season, so when they were given a back 6 instead of a back 9, they had to fit more into less episodes. They have done a great job so far, and now we have two more episodes left of the season, both airing on April 12th.

S2E18 "Dead Beat"

At the start of the episode, the FBI searches Major's house, and they find things that seem to prove that Major is the Chaos Killer. Liv is freaking out, because she can't understand this. Ravi gets arrested as well, for accessory to murder. Liv visits Major, and he tells her that he is hungry. Zombie in a prison is not a good situation. It seems that this will go away, as there are no bodies, but it likely won't happen soon enough, something needs to be done. And Liv doesn't know the whole story.

Ravi is released, and is staying with Liv and Peyton. He tells them what's going on, so Ravi finds out where the bodies are being kept from Major. This is a great scene, as Ravi asks in sort of code where the bodies are. Ravi and Liv go there, hoping to make one of them reappear, and discover that the coolers are all empty.

Vaughn tells one of his people to kill Major and Liv when he gets out of jail. Ravi is unsuccessful at getting a brain out of the morgue, but Blaine gets Liv a brain. When Major is released, Liv walks him down the steps of the courthouse, and Ravi has a brain shake for him in the car, but before he can get there, Clive stops him, arresting him for the Meat Cute murders.

Clive brings a theory to Major, saying that Major got angry when the kids he was helping got taken by some brain cult. Clive goes to Liv's to check on her alibi for Major for the Meat Cute murders. She meets with Major, and he is almost slipping into being a full on zombie. He asks for the cure, because that will only result in his death.

Liv makes a treat for Major, because she is too attached to him to do the safer option. Peyton helps her put her plan into action, but the idiot lawyer eats the treat instead. When Liv finds out about this, she is very distraught. Rose McIver's performance in this scene is excellent. Liv tells Clive the truth about zombies, and when he doesn't believe her, she stabs herself to prove it. (And, as Rose McIver said on Twitter, now #Babiknows)

Major is released, and Dale is furious at Clive. She asks him why he did what he did, and when he can't explain, she breaks up with him. Malcom Goodwin is great in this scene. Not all is well, however, for Liv, as Vaughn's man is still after her. Ravi almost unintentionally helps him get away, but then realizes what's happening. Go Ravi! He accidentally kills Vaughn's man, but Liv realizes that he is useful, as he knows a lot. So, she eats his brain. She has a vision, the zombies Major went after are alive!

S2E19 "Salvation Army"

Clive is having trouble getting over Dale, so he calls her and leaves her a voicemail. Mr. Boss decides to go after Don E after Seattle shuts down the operation on him. There is a hilarious scene where Ravi tells Peyton he is going to become a bad boy, and then Liv and Major find them on the couch together when they get back. Mr. Boss's people discover that Blaine is still alive.

Liv, Major, Ravi, and Clive create a plan for how to get into the basement and free the zombies. There are some really hilarious lines in this. Vaughn talks to Rita, and there are some other great lines in this scene. Liv and Major can't find the person they are looking for in the party, so Clive gets in.

Blaine leaves when Peyton and Ravi argue about if he can stay. Mr. Boss's person comes in, and kidnaps Peyton. He takes her, and tells Ravi to deliver Blaine. At the party, the young scientists turn into zombies when they take utopium and then drink Super Max. This ends up helping Liv, Major, and Clive escape when security guards are going to take them and lock them up. However, these zombies get into the party, and that gets messy.

Things get crazy at the party, as everyone ends up dead or undead. The trio gets chased into a room, and all of the zombies want Clive's brain. The only way out may be to scratch Clive. Will Clive turn into a zombie? Who would have thought that when these two hours began? Meanwhile, Blaine and Ravi prepare to rescue Peyton.

Blaine goes in without Ravi. He is made angry by this, and wants to go to help rescue Peyton. Liv, Major, and Clive are rescued by the military woman, who kills the zombies. They go down to the basement, where they free Rita, but Vaughn shows up and traps Liv and Clive. Liv discovers that Drake has gone full on zombie, as cure number 3 didn't work. She is completely distraught by this.

Vaughn lets the two zombies out, and while Clive kills one, Liv must kill Drake. Vaughn trues to get two zombies to kill Major, but discovers Major is a zombie again. Major gets Vaughn killed by the zombies, and ends up killing Rita. This is very intense. The military woman's people handle the situation, and Liv meets the new zombies, the scientists, who want the world to become a zombie one, with Seattle as the capitol.

This was a crazy finale! So much happened in the last two hours! Both episodes were great, and I am excited for season 3! I don't think it will be like the first two seasons.

What did you think of "Dead Beat" and "Salvation Army"? What do you think will happen in season 3? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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